Saturday, February 24, 2018

A Flower Child Apron

I was kind of a flower child in the 1970s and yesterday, I found the neatest hippy dress at a garage sale. It was way too small for me now — it’s like a size 8 or 9 — but I bought it, anyway. I love it. I am going to make a flower child hippy long granny apron out of it. I cant wait! I will just cut it up the back and open it up and cut the sleeves off. I will make a full apron with a bib out of it.

The material is like a brown print with pansys of blue, like a brown calico. It’s cool — oh, so hippy-ish! With the sleeves, I can make the ties for the neck or a head covering to match. The sleeves are wide and long. I may have to sew pieces together for the head covering but thats ok. The skirt part is very long; I think I will have to cut some off the bottom, too. I love the material. I hope to maybe make a dish towel, too, out of the material. Or just take a white dish towel and sew patches of material on it, or like a frame around it of hippy material.

When we go to garage sales, I look especially for buttons. Wow, I would love to find a stash of buttons! I mean the old time ones. I have a few that I have used for hot pads, and for that pad I put on my table to put the cookie sheet on.

When I bought the dress for a buck, Papa told the lady there, “Oh, she will love making something out of that.” Well, this material is so neat, I will use every piece of it for something. It would make a cute material lid with a canning jar ring around it.

Papa is definitely no hippy or flower child. He grew up when Elvis was King, so there is a generation gap between us, even though he is only seven years older than me. I was in high school in the 60s but wasn’t much impressed with the 60s. The 70s were my years to howl.

The 70s is when the Jesus Freaks were really in their glory. Godly submission to your husband was even taught in the churches back then. The Christian women I knew were full of homemaking. Oh, some of those women were so wonderful! I wish they had stayed that way.

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