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Sister Wisdom

We hear the voice of feminism and we will tell each other what she says. But will you cast out feminism’s voice and now listen to the voice of wisdom? She is there, too, and she will help us as kitchen saints, as Mothers and wives.

If you want to hear wisdom’s voice, you cannot have unconfessed sin in your life. You must pray and ask the Lord to forgive you for your sins. Only He can forgive our sins.

Wisdom is a helper. But you can invite wisdom to be your sister and you can call her Sister Wisdom. God and Jesus are the heads of our spirtual homes and we must honor God first, but after we have the Lord as king of our hearts, we can then invite wisdom to be our sister. We must cast out the strange woman feminism and invite wisdom to be our helper as Keepers at Home.

Wisdom loves the children and husband. If you are prideful toward your husband, forget about wisdom as your sister. She will not dwell with you.

Wisdom dwells with prudence and she loves and honors the laws of God. She was with God when he made the foundations of the earth. Proverbs 8:22 and on down the chapter says this. Verse 36 says that if you sin against wisdom, you hurt your own soul. If you hate wisdom, you love death. So if you want wisdom to be real to you, then love and submit to your own husband and get the sin out of your life.

Wisdom is very meek and humble. She is not loud and flashy or worldy. She will not come to you as you watch tv or as you are in a lot of noise. She will come to you in your secret place of prayer. As you come to God in holiness and you please Him, then wisdom will come to you.

She can become a joy to you. As you exalt her, she will exalt you in God.

Riches and honor are with wisdom. The works of wisdom bring durable riches.

Sometimes I invite her to my home. If Jim is at work and I want to spend the day in prayer, I will get ready for her as I would for any holy woman of God who is an older Titus Mother. I will wear something that I know would make her happy … maybe a long dress and an apron and head covering. And I work around the house in honor to my husband and to Jesus, and pretty soon I will feel her presence.

As I write about her, I feel her presence now. I make a place for her in my home and I let her know that I welcome her presence. And yet, many of you don’t know her or who you are welcoming. You need to read the Bible in Proverbs and meet her and listen to her voice.

Cast out the wicked voice of the strange woman and listen for wisdom.

Good Morning

It’s raining, finally, here in our part of Iowa. We have been in a drought, the worst I have ever seen. We hadn’t had any real rain since the middle of July.

Yesterday, it rained all day, too, and it was so cool outside. I made a nice vegetable soup in the crock pot and some wonderful chewy French rolls. Jim and I just loved them. I made a small pan of dinner rolls and put the rest of the bread dough in the refrigerator. I had my little kerosene lamp on the table, lit and shiny.

My vegetable garden didn’t produce near the tomatoes that I am used to. We had enough just for the table, and that was it. Now they are mostly gone. Usually about this time, I make tomato sauce and ketchup, but not this year, I guess. I don’t remember a year like this in over 20 years. I do have an abundance of plums. I will work through some of these today. I have already made plum butter and frozen about 3 gallon sacks of them.

I have been looking through my kitchen these past few days for my fall decorations. I am taking out a few at a time. Jim bought me a pumpkin coffee cup and I am drinking coffee from it as I write. I love it. “Good bye, summer, with all the noise and confusion.” The house is quiet again. Time to shut the house down and get ready for the fall and winter.

Another thing I want to write about, too, is this brownie cake I made up as I went along. Jim had bought this chocolate cake mix. Well, I poured it in a bowl and I added about a cup of peanut butter to it. I just cut it in like you would cut shortening into biscuits. Then I added about a fourth cup of milk and 1 egg, beaten with the milk. So now I have a very thick batter like brownies. Then I added about a cup or so of chocolate chips. I then put it all in a 9×13 oiled baking pan. It was hard to smooth out, as the batter is real thick. But just spread it evenly the best ya can. I then baked it in a moderate oven — I think 350

A Flower Child Apron

I was kind of a flower child in the 1970s and yesterday, I found the neatest hippy dress at a garage sale. It was way too small for me now — it’s like a size 8 or 9 — but I bought it, anyway. I love it. I am going to make a flower child hippy long granny apron out of it. I cant wait! I will just cut it up the back and open it up and cut the sleeves off. I will make a full apron with a bib out of it.

The material is like a brown print with pansys of blue, like a brown calico. It’s cool — oh, so hippy-ish! With the sleeves, I can make the ties for the neck or a head covering to match. The sleeves are wide and long. I may have to sew pieces together for the head covering but thats ok. The skirt part is very long; I think I will have to cut some off the bottom, too. I love the material. I hope to maybe make a dish towel, too, out of the material. Or just take a white dish towel and sew patches of material on it, or like a frame around it of hippy material.

When we go to garage sales, I look especially for buttons. Wow, I would love to find a stash of buttons! I mean the old time ones. I have a few that I have used for hot pads, and for that pad I put on my table to put the cookie sheet on.

When I bought the dress for a buck, Papa told the lady there, “Oh, she will love making something out of that.” Well, this material is so neat, I will use every piece of it for something. It would make a cute material lid with a canning jar ring around it.

Papa is definitely no hippy or flower child. He grew up when Elvis was King, so there is a generation gap between us, even though he is only seven years older than me. I was in high school in the 60s but wasn’t much impressed with the 60s. The 70s were my years to howl.

The 70s is when the Jesus Freaks were really in their glory. Godly submission to your husband was even taught in the churches back then. The Christian women I knew were full of homemaking. Oh, some of those women were so wonderful! I wish they had stayed that way.

Leftover Bread

A way to save any bread that turns out hard is this. Just slice the bread in the bread pan, and then make a mixture of a few cups of milk and about two eggs. Mix this up really well. Then just pour this over the bread, in between the slices, etc. You may want to cut up some butter and add that, too. Just make sure all the stuff is evenly distributed over the slices of bread.

See, I dont know how big your pans are, but when adding the egg and milk mixture, don’t put too much in … just add enough liquid that it would go to about half way up your loaf pan, or maybe three fourths of the way up. You dont want it to boil over in your stove. Then just bake the bread again, like at about 350 degrees for about a half hour, or until the bread has set up. See, the egg and milk mixture, on its own, would make like a custard. I mean, if you were to add sugar to it. (It’s kinda hard to explain all of this unless I could show you.)

So often, I would have half a cake left over from a family get together or whatever. If my children didn’t eat it within a few days, I would make cake pudding. Just take the cake you have in the pan and chunk it up and spread it out evenly in the same cake pan you baked it in. I mean frosting and all. Then, you just pour the eggs and milk mixture over the cake evenly. Taste it at this point to see if it needs more sugar. Put in what you need. Keep tasting. Just mix all of this up really good and bake it. If you have a lot of cake left over and, given it is chocolate, it will taste like brownies. But the less cake to deal with, it will taste more like a pudding. Cover the cake with your mixture to make this, then bake it in a moderate oven until it is done in the middle. (Or when you insert a knife in the middle, it comes out clean.)

When I would have like a half pan of cornbread left over, I would put the egg and milk mixture on this and chunk up the cornbread evenly in the pan. You would want to cover the cornbread with the mixture. Then I would put salt and black pepper on this and bake it. I called it spoon bread made backwards. You could fry and add onions and sausage to it with the eggs and milk.

When the children were young, I always had milk on hand, either instant or whole milk, so I made a lot of puddings, etc. Now days, I throw a lot of leftover bread to the birds but, back when raising a houseful of children, very little went to the birds.

I always made pancakes from scratch for the children for breakfast. I would use the leftover pancake batter to put over fruit desserts. Instead of like apple crisp, I would use the pancake batter for the top. You need to have your fruit mixture at a bubbling stage in the oven; then take it out of the oven and then pour the batter on it. Then bake it in a hot oven until brown. And you may want to thin down the batter some, so it will reach all the spots of the fruit.

Wild ideas, I know. But that’s how I cook and bake usually.

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