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Creating a Home

If the Dollar Store doesn’t thrill you as a homemaker, what would? There is so much stuff there to make a home with. I love it! And, ya know, you can buy canning jars there for pretty cheap, and the lids and rings to match.

Oh, how many cute things you can do with canning jars! It’s fun to put all of your dried foods in the canning jars and label them. And, ya know, putting country material on the top and then screwing on those rings to make a cute country lid is a nice way to organize your cupboards. You may have quart jars for rice and for the different kinds of dried beans. Then a jar for macaroni or hard candy to keep in the cabinet.

I usually keep a quart jar full of flour by the stove to use to make gravy or puddings, rather than getting out the whole sack of flour for just a couple tablespoons. You may have an empty salt shaker that you may want to mix pepper and salt and garlic in just to keep by the stove to cook with. Maybe you will want to take a small odd jar and put sugar and cinnamon in it to use for cinnamon toast or for spice cookies. You could take a hammer and a nail and pound some holes in the lid so you can sprinkle your mixture out.

I am a nut for jars, as my family will tell you. I save cute jars and put odds and ends in them. We buy a lot of our herbs and spices in bulk. I don’t like to keep them in the plastic bags. I would rather put them in nice little glass jars. But it would be a fun way to inspire you to organize your cupboards. The old time mothers often put everything in jars, as to keep the bugs and mice out of their supplies.

Also, each year, I take a big glass jar and make a country craft with the white Christmas lights in it. You can put anything in the jar and then put a cute lid on it, and then plug it in and use it for a little night light for the kitchen. I like to put pine cones in mine, and cinnamon sticks and whole cloves and other whole spices. Then, when the lights are turned on, the spices are fragrant.

Another project I want to do is when I sew up some table mats to put hot things on to serve at the table? I want to sew spices in the middle layer so that, when the hot food is placed on the mat, the mat will be hot enough for the spices to smell. That will be a fun project.

But, ya know, canning jars are out there about now at garage sales, if you can’t afford the ones at the Dollar Store. I like to pick a country bunch of flowers and herbs, and stick them in the quart jar for the table. I have some sunflowers near my front door that I plan to pick, pretty soon here. I have an early fat orange pumpkin from my garden sitting out here on my buffet. I think I will put it on the table and put my jar of sunflowers next to it.

Another idea, too, ladies, is this. Ya know, if you like hot tea for the winter? You could make a tea cozy pretty simple with cute quilted material. It doesn’t have to fit the teapot — just make it flat, if ya wanna, and cover your teapot with it. Maybe you could make some simple cloth napkins to match it.

I have a ceramic white tea pot that Jim got me years ago. I get it out in the fall and winter. I have a set of four fall cups and saucers that I had found at a sale years ago, and will be getting those out, maybe today. But my little white pot follows me through fall, and the autum colors through Christmas, with the greens and reds. Then on to Valentines Day with the reds and pinks. I use whatever colorful cups the holidays bring with my sweet little white teapot.

Mercy, I have just found so many little sets of cups and saucers at garage sales! Often, I will take a ribbon and tie it around the tea pot handle in the color of the holiday. I love to get my tea dishes out when the ladies come by. But the children always loved tea, too, when they were all home, with lots of milk and sugar added.

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