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Home Sweet Home

I had to laugh at Danny yesterday. He looked at my garden and said, “Mom what happened to your garden?” Well, with the wedding and the storm, boy, did it get neglected! Danny wants to come back home and find home like he left it. The backyard full of fruit trees and vegetable gardens. Flowers and herbs growing in places one couldn’t expect. A table full of home grown food and homemade breads and pies. The children long, too, for a full and blessed home to come to.

As I stand here writing and reflecting, I purpose in my heart to break this barren spirit that has tried to take over my home. I will arise again and take into my heart the spirit of fruitfulness. It’s been hard to wrestle this dang barreness down, ya know? But with God’s help and grace, I am getting up … and again I will be a fruitful mother and wife as a fruitful vine.

Last week, I went with my mom for her doctor’s appointment. While there, we talked with this old woman about 85 years old. She sat complaining and saying how useless she felt. She could still go shopping and she was glad of that. I thought to myself “What a wasted life.” Had she lived her older years as a Titus mother, what a ministry she would have, even until she died. Yes, even in her 80s and 90s.

Jim’s mother could do anything when it came to sewing and crafts or cooking and canning. But she did not know how to teach it. She said she learned on her own and, by golly, her daughters and daughters-in-law could learn on their own, too. And so, so much of what she knew died when she did. What a waste.

And I have purposed in my heart that I will not be like this. I raised a fruitful home and I will continue on to do so.

Concerning Ministries

I think that we can pick and choose good ideas from a lot of ministries. I don’t think that a man really understands the mother in the home, though. I mean, these men play a part. I loved the tape “The Hidden Woman” from Charity Tapes. I don’t care who preached it — it was great, huh? But those tapes, although I loved them, they didn’t apply a lot to today’s society.

Most of our husbands are just regular guys out there tryin’ to make a buck and keep the body and soul of their families together. Every once in a while, a real man of God pops up, but he is not in every home. I think that, once we as housewives hear a message about the home from a male preacher, we begin to think we have missed out somewhere. Why aren’t our husbands praying all night and leading devotions the next morning? And is he a wimp if he ain’t?

I know my husband is not a wimp, not by any means! He is a spiritual man, but he is not a preacher. Papa has no desire to win the lost unless it is his own children. Papa is good and kind and loving. But he is very much a common man and not a preacher. I am called to be his helper. I am called to submit to just a regular guy. Jim likes for me to keep the house clean and the clothes washed.

Papa doesn’t care if I write on the email, as long as it doesn’t interrupt anything important, like fixing dinner. I am called as a Titus mother, but Papa really doesn’t know that and really doesn’t care much about it. I don’t make any money doing it, so he thinks it isn’t a job or anything important. It doesn’t matter to him if I sent an email to the moon, as long as supper was on time.

When folks ask me what I do all day — I don’t barely breath a word that I write, usually every day, on a ladies’ group. Because I would be afraid that just anyone would want to join my circus and then they would find out what I really think of ’em … eeeeks! I would get thrown out of the neighborhood. So I guess folks around here just think I am a knothead, just staring at the four walls after Jim goes to work.

But I do think that we as housewives need to accept our husbands where they are. We need to pray for them and follow them, even if they ain’t preachers or have any anointing from God to do much, except lead the famly along. But for a man to keep a job and care for the family … that is a lot. In today’s society, most men won’t work for a family without the wife working, too. He feels cheated.

So, when a man will work and protect the family, that is a big thing, and it is a godly work. It may seem like a simple work and calling from God, but it is a high calling for a man. I mean, Adam wasn’t called for much more than that, or Joseph. The Apostles had a different ministry, unlike Joseph’s or Noah’s. Noah basically built an ark and, by his works, he told folks a storm and flood was coming.

But a lot of our men are not called to be preachers, and for us to follow them as if they were Michael Pearl or any other preacher is gonna create a big problem. Listening to men preach who are not telling us to go along with our husbands’ rules is gonna lead us into a lot of error. Because we may spend the whole day listening to tapes, but the husband ain’t heard ’em — and don’t want to hear ’em. And when he comes home from work and he doesn’t do as the tape said “Do” … then he is a heathen, and we blame him that our kids ain’t perfect, huh? Sound familiar?

We, as women of God, have to have common sense and keep our feet on the ground and our heads out of the clouds. This is always a major job for me. I am very spiritual, the family conscience, the prayer warrior. But I am not the priest of the home. That is Papa’s job, and he is just a regular guy who is a priest. He is the priest of our home. And maybe he ain’t all that spiritual, but the Lord expects me to submit to him.

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Being here alone as the lady of the house is like learning to walk all over again. I stumble along with faith in my heart. I feel like I am living on His grace and mercy. I feel like a kid who just learned to ride her bike all by herself. “Look at her go! You are doin’ good … just keep goin’.” Each new day, I get stronger and more able to steer my new bike and, yet, my day is full of crashes, too.

But the angels cheer me on and tell me that I am to be an example of Godliness and obedience as a keeper at home. And sometimes I am so proud of myself as I race by the angels like the wind, like a streak of lightening. They cheer me on and laugh with joy.

Then I crash and don’t want to get back up and ride my bike again. But in the night, the angels minister to me. They speak to me about things that last through the years. How the sacrifices I make as a mother now will bring lasting fruit to my children. How the true treasures are what we do for God and how much of our works are burned in fire and come out as pure gold and silver — not the gold and silver of this world, but the spiritual riches that can only come through sacrifice.

We must put the cross before us and the world behind us. And as I ride my new bike, I stretch my faith to limits I didn’t know were out there. I seem to ride my bike through layers of faith zones. I will tell you, a lot of it is falling off the bike and getting back on. But I am learning to steer this thing and, I guess, how to coast.

Ya know, Satan hates it when ya coast; when ya just lean back on your seat. You quit peddling and working because you are tired in your faith and ya don’t know what else to do. It’s like the verse that says, “Having done all to stand, you stand therefore.”

As mothers, we are artists. But we want to hurry up with a Masterpiece. But a lot of artists were never recognised until after they had died.

I read a story once about a very godly mother. Her son was a rebel and in the end, was facing death at the prison. His mother had died, but her memory was still with him. Hours before he died, he remembered her words to him as a child about how Christ had died for him at Calvary’s cross, and he received the Lord there on death row. Her memory spoke to him long after her death. Her sweet and quiet obedience stormed his heart long after she had gone to meet her Lord Jesus Christ.

Oh, dear Mothers, our lives now are a memory. What we say and do today, our children will remember someday. Our lives can be a masterpiece — a song that will last the ages and test of time. Will our quiet obedience to God and to our husbands be a teaching to our children? Are we, through our lives, giving them survivial skills? Our hearts and who we are — really who we are — is what teaches our children when the rubber hits the road.

Can we stand alone when the world rushes around us, telling us to leave the home and go get a job?

Mary L. was telling me yesterday about this home that Carla helps with. How there is a section where there are children from age 6 to 16. Unwanted children live there. Children that are dropped off there as the parents don’t want them … just sick of caring for them. Where has our society gone that this could happen in America? And isn’t it time for the Daughters of a new Revolution to get more and more radical?

With hearts aflame with love and devotion to our families, can our obedience be noticed by God?

Will our homes be as a fragrance of obedience that the angels can sense as they walk by our street?

Will our homes be a place where the angels go to rest?

As Mary’s manger home on a silent holy night gave birth to the Son of God, will our homes be called silent and holy? Peaceful and adoring the Lord Jesus Christ? Can we also birth the Son of God in our homes?

Are our homes quiet mangers where the angels come to rest?

A Winter Pantry

When I was raising my very large family, I was so busy in the summertime! It was always easy for me to feed the family in the summer months. My garden produced all the tomatoes I needed and other vegetables. Then, food is cheaper in the summer, also. But, boy, ya hit those winter months and it is hard to keep the cupboards full.

So far this summer, I have made raspberry jam and rhubarb jam so, now, that will probably be all the jam I will make, and that will last us until next year. My tomatoes aren’t ripe yet, so I haven’t done anything with them, but soon, when they start coming in, I will begin canning them. And Jim loves homemade ketchup and it is fun to make, so I will make some of that, probably about 6 pint jars. Papa puts this ketchup on fried potatoes and scrambled eggs. It’s also a good relish to use on hot dogs and hamburgers, or you can use it to flavor soups and stews.

My brother Scott always has a big garden in the summer, so at the end of the summer, he will invite me to come and pick some overly ripe tomatoes. With these, I will wash them and core them and grind them up in my blender and make tomato sauce. If it thickens up, fine, and if it don’t, fine. It tastes good in winter stews and chili, etc. Often, if I have green peppers and fresh onions, I will grind them up, too, with the tomatoes. But that is so easy to do and tomato sauce is used in so many recipes.

I may freeze some corn and some green beans, too. They are easy to do. Just blanch them and freeze them in your freezer. It’s easy to freeze produce. If my plums do well, I will pick them and just freeze them in ziplock bags. Then, in the winter, I will take portions out and stew them for Papa and me.

You can freeze most berries — just wash them and put them in a bag. You can just take them out frozen and put them in jello this winter. Also, some busy mothers like to freeze all of their fruits and berries and make all of their jams when they have time in the fall, instead of in the summer.

Garage sales are just full of canning jars right now. And the lids and rings don’t cost much; they should be new to make sure they seal.

If you know of a mother or grandmother close to you, just ask them about canning. I gleaned most of my knowlege about canning from the library and also Carla Emery’s book called The Old-Fashioned Recipe Book. It is written by a mother of 6 children who raises all of her own food and cans and dries it, or freezes it. I had gotten Carla’s book in about 1978. I just made myself sick, staying up at night reading it. I just loved it.

But ya know, she turned out like Cheryle from the Gentle Spirit Magazine. She really backslid. But Carla’s book is still so good. It was written when she was young and raising a family. She was a Christian when she wrote it and she had a wonderful spirit. I think she got kinda power hungry, though, and then gradually lost her family. But just about everything ya wanna know about food storage is in that book.

Lately, I have been baking and cooking a lot in the morning for Papa. It isn’t as hot as it usually is in Iowa in the summer. I made a lot of baking powder biscuits yesterday, and pancakes this morning from scratch. So I think this afternoon I am going to make the big biscuit mix again. Oh, no! I guess not. I don’t have a bag of flour. Tomorrow, I will get groceries and make it then.

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