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Aldies Grocery Store

Papa worked until 7:00 last night. For supper, I made a baked whole chicken (small one from Aldies) with carrots and potatoes. Then I took the meat and vegetables out of the pan and made a gravy with the drippings. I put all of the leftovers in a pan and put it in the refrigerator when we were done eating.

So now, in a few days, I will make a chicken pie. I just make a pie crust and put it in a rectangle 9×13 pan. Then, just lay leftover chicken in bite size pieces in it, and then vegetables, and the gravy over the top. It’s just like the chicken pot pies from the store, only bigger. I may not have enough vegetables from the roasted chicken dish, so I will add more. You could add a package of frozen mixed vegetables. Then, you just lay a pie crust over the top, pierce it with your fork to let out steam (not a fork you itched with). I like to put sesame seeds on the top crust, and a little melted butter smeared on the top. And a little bit of black pepper and a bit of seasoning salt, just to make it look fancy.

Yesterday, I made the chocolate cherry cake. It’s very simple and we like it plain with no frosting. You just take a chocolate cake mix and put 2 eggs in it and a can of cherry pie filling from Aldies. And then just mix it up. Don’t put any water in it. It’s just the eggs, the pie filling, and the dry cake mix. It is the consistency of brownies. Anyway, then just spread it in a 9×13 baking pan and bake it, however long and whatever heat it says on the box. I have made apple spice cake the same way, just using the can of apple pie filling and 2 eggs and the yellow cake mix. Then I add spices like cinnamon and ginger, cloves and nutmeg.

Last night, I served Papa his cake with whipped cream on it.

Another thing we do with whipped cream is we put it in our coffee, around this home. Mary (age 18) and I got this out when Toot was here yesterday morning and we had Toot put some in her coffee and she liked it. Mary and I use the sugar in our coffee, too. We usually just use the canned Aldies milk in our coffee, but on special occasions, we use the whipped cream for a treat.

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