Monday, December 18, 2017

A Wise Woman

Think of some mother married with a husband, working all day away from the home and makin’ a bunch of money while her little ones are at the babysitter. And that is supposed to be a picture of prosperity? I know a lot of babysitters and I wouldn’t take my children to any of them.

A single mom is different, and God gives her grace if her heart is home in the first place. But a mother trying to get away from home to work is a sad picture, and it certainly is not prosperity. It may make Mom feel good, but what about the children? Where does their prosperity come in? They don’t want money. They want love from Mother and Dad, and a peaceful supper in the evening. And I always say that the best thing a mother can ever give to her children is love for their Daddy.

A harmonious home is the best gift any mother can give, and it don’t cost a penny.

Mothers, the wise woman builds a home, and wisdom is a system of trade, just like the almighty dollar is.

Rise while it is yet night and prepare for your families.

Bake your breads and cook your meals from scratch.

It’s the time for a garden. See how many things you can plant this year and put up in your root cellars.

Look well to the ways of your households.

Plant herbs here and there in your yard and learn to use them.

Be wise mothers who listen to God. Don’t depend on the world for your substance.

When you go to the store, buy things to make things with, and then take your supplies home and make things from what the Lord has given you. Live out of your supplies at home and not from the grocery store.

Make what you need. If you have a big family, learn to make your own soap.

Be like the Little Red Hen. She was always prepared, and when the fox threw her in his bag to eat her later, she was prepared. She had her little pair of scissors in her apron pocket, and she was not afraid in the fox’s bag. She took her scissors out and she cut a hole in the bag and she escaped with her life.

Make a home for your family with your hands. Learn the skills of wisdom. Learn to make something out of nothing.

Let one meal lead into the next meal. Take your pancake batter from breakfast and learn to use this to start a yeast bread. Save all of your left over vegetables from each meal and make a vegetable soup with it when your jar is full. Learn and experiment with leftovers until you feel a certain pride as a frugal cook and baker.

Work in your kitchens until you feel that you are truly a kitchen saint and the Queen of a full pantry. Get some canning jars at a garage sale, and organize your cupboards and put cute labels on the jars … one for rice and another for macaroni. Use differnent jars to put dried beans in. (I am a nut for jars and I haul jars home from sales every summer. All sizes.)

Learn to make jams this summer. It’s not hard. Fill your cupboards with the works of your hands.

I am making bread from leftover mashed potatoes. (Actually, it was leftover potato soup made from mashed potatoes.) So I have made my bread at intervals as I have been writing. My bread is kneaded now and is rising. It is full of carrots from the soup and onions and parsley and all kinds of spices, like pepper and salt and some sugar. It will make a wonderful potato herb bread. Oh, and it has tomatoes in it. I had used some potatoes from another meal that had tomato soup on them. That will make some mighty good bread. I should have it all baked by the time wild man gets up and we go to the store.

Uh oh, wild man is up I had better get to runnin’.

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