Sunday, December 17, 2017

Walking By Faith

I don’t know what to write but know I need to. Got some bad news last night. Please don’t ask me what it was. But, oh, please pray for me that I will do right. It’s nothing to do with Jim.

On the other hand, Dan (21) is keeping me laughing. That girl he was going with? The girl he brought to dinner with the pig iron in her nose? That his grandma asked about? Well, she bonged him on the head with a skateboard. He had to have stitches. Knowing Dan, well, he told it in such a funny way, ya had to laugh. David (22) said that Dan found out about the scorn of a woman. Well, I guess.

Boy, am I glad to have the Lord. Last night, as I prayed before bed about the bad news I had gotten (the other bad news, not the news about Dan), the Lord comforted me, and then He gave me this dream. I dreamed that I was at an Amish community and I was lost. And this dear mother told me that I could take her buggy and go find some help. Well, in the meantime, I had somehow lost my glasses and I can’t see without them. Anyway, it was at night and I was going to drive this buggy by faith. Well, you know me — never say “Die.” I have hardly ever made the acquaintance with a horse in my life. But this dear little Amish lady, she says, “Oh, it’s easy — just drive the horse and buggy to the next town. As she was talking to me in her house, of course, it was night time and no lights, just a candle. I could hardly see her without my glasses and in the dark. And I couldn’t see anything as I got into her cart with the horse. But I went ahead by faith, barely able to see the road. And I just kept going. The road was so hard to stay on as I had never driven a horse cart before. But I did my best. And I drove all night and later found out that I had only gone a few miles. But I made it to the next town and it was daylight. And in the next town, I saw this child that was in great need of my care. And then I woke up.

And I have to say something. This picture in the newsletter I have been working on seems to really have an anointing of courage on it. As I look at the picture, I feel courage. I love pictures and feel they can say so much. I have a picture in a frame in my window that I just went to look at. It’s a young woman. She has the word of God, the Bible, held close to her breast. And under the picture, I put the scripture Psalms 119:11 Thy word have I hid in my heart that I may not sin against thee.

I have been under great temptation to give up. I told the Lord last night, “Why do you keep me here Lord? Please take me home.” I have always thought it a sin to pray to die. But the Lord Jesus was so tender as He spoke to me and to my heart. “Connie. You are the apple of my eye. And whoever hurts you hurts me. I am touched by your heartaches.” I told the Lord that I hurt so deeply — why does it hurt so much? And I just kept seeing the angels talking to God about me. And, oh, I know I can trust in Him.

And, no, I don’t do things right. And most of the time I am driving a horse hooked up to a cart to a town I don’t know, and in the dark with my glasses off. But I think this is how it is to walk by faith. And maybe it was wisdom in her cabin telling me, “You can do this — just go get in the cart and drive it.” And, no, I don’t make much headway, but I do make it to the next town by daybreak. And now I am up and awake. And it is daybreak now and I am here. I didn’t get far but I am still here this morning and I guess I can make it a few more miles.

I guess we go one mile at a time and one day at a time. Weeping lasts for the night but Joy comes in the morning. Our ways are not His ways. We have to trust Him as we follow Him. One shaky foot at a time. Walking in His footsteps. Praying for the Mind of Christ. Oh, we wish for a vision to live on and yet we can’t see it. As it is hidden in the plan of God. We just keep goin’.

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