Wednesday, January 17, 2018


What if your family was starving and poor and someone told you that there was a diamond in your back yard. And if you found it, you could sell it for thousands of dollars and your family would be saved. Well, of course you would get on your knees and you would comb through every blade of grass with your fingers, looking for the diamond. And you wouldn’t stop looking until you found the diamond. Well, wisdom is like that diamond, and she can save your family if you can find her.

“Who can find the virtuous woman for her price is far above rubies.” We think the virtuous woman is everywhere among women, but she is not. She is wise and very rare as an expensive ruby. But we must seek wisdom and this is how we can find her.

For some reason, as I write, I just want to cry deep in my heart. I feel her presence as I write. “Oh, dear wisdom, we seek you and long for your presence. We are poor and needy and long for a mother to guide us. Dear Wisdom, we are lost and feel so forsaken. We love God and are taught of Jesus, but we don’t know the wisdom of God in Proverbs that says wisdom will speak to us.”

And Wisdom is saying, “I know your hearts and I am coming to teach you and give you understanding.”

You must be willing to be laughed at and obey the voice of wisdom. You must come back to the old ways and to the time when wisdom was queen in her home. Shut off the modern conveniences and listen for her voice. Be willing to do things the old ways. Come back to the land as she, wisdom, comes from the land. She comes from the foundations of the earth.

Wisdom was with God in the beginning and made the foundations of the earth. Ya know, one time I was watching the Catholic channel and a woman on there was talking about how when Martin Luther translated the Bible, he left out the book of wisdom. This book tells about the wisdom of God as Mary, Jesus’ mother. Martin Luther went from the Catholic faith to the Protestant faith. But ya know, he seemed to protest the woman’s role, as he took out the book of wisdom. And the church today seems to protest the woman’s role. And the woman’s role is as child bearer and keeper at home. Mother is the foundation of the earth.

Now, I don’t worship Mary. I long for the wisdom of God and I see this wisdom in Sarah and Elizabeth and many of the women in the Bible. Always these married women were keepers at home. The Lord tells us, as believers — not unbelievers — to multiply and replenish the earth. The church tells ya to get on birth control so that you can do more work for God. But God’s word looks at birth control as a sin to the believers. The Christian wife is to be a queen in her home, under a mighty covering of protection from her godly husband. This is so she can have many babies for Jesus Christ and bring them up for the Lord. The holy seed is precious to the Lord. And this is a woman’s place.

Because the book of wisdom was taken from the Bible, I think it has kept many of us Protestant women in the Dark Ages. We have been made to feel like second class citizens because we have no place, seemingly, in the body of believers. We have a place but it has been hidden. So we try to be like Christian men, longing for this place in God. And yet we have this place and it was here all the time — and yet we have missed it. Sorely missed it. We are equally as important as men. We have a place. But it was the early Protestant men who have shackled us and put our feet in chains.

Jesus Christ is our liberator. Women have been tossed about and shackled in the body of Christ. Before Jesus came on the earth, they were treated as slaves. But Jesus come to set them free. To give them a place as believers. He humbled Himself and was birthed through a virgin maiden. He could have just appeared like an angel. But instead, He came through the womb of a young virgin girl. He was the example and honored His Mother and cared for her. When He died at the cross, He spoke to His disciple John to care for His mother. But it seems there is always this ploy to make this weaker sex a slave. The woman was not even taught to read the Bible.

I think our Christian forefathers had a lot of naggy wives and somehow kept them quiet by telling them they were inferior. I mean, human, fleshly nature in a man could certainly do this. And so this view of Christian women comes into play. She has no place except to stay home and have babies. And go out and work, too. So, not knowing her role, she rebels and we have the feminism of today. The woman loves God and thinks she can only reach God through being a man. So she says, “I am not inferior. I can be a man. I can look like a man and worship God like a man.” She wants to be liberated from a lie that has been preached in the Christian Protestant church. But all of this is one lie on top of the other because now this new wave of Christian feminism has brought her into a greater bondage and slavery to man.

Mother is bound and gagged as never before. Here are her bondages. Her womb is bound by having her tubes cut. Just this alone is so horrible. It’s like the world is trying to stamp out womanhood. Let me count the ways. We now have birth control patches to add to the pills and now even the morning after pills. The world has taught her many ways to kill the fruit of her womb. All of this says to the woman, “My parts are not important. The fruit of my body is not important. Only the part of me that acts as a man is important. To reach God as a woman, I must become a man.” Not only does the world hate her but she thinks God hates her, too. She has no place unless she cuts her creative parts out — her womb. Unless she is aggressive and strong, she cannot make a living. She is not valuable to the earth or, seemingly, to God. And all of this is lie on lie.

My spirit cries within me as I write. The spirit of motherhood and wifehood is being snuffed out by Satan. He comes for the holy, godly seed. He knows that true prophets and men of God must come forth. And he keeps the lies goin’ — he keeps the godly women under a heavy hand of slavery. He tells them that singing in the choir is more important than having children for Jesus. He has ripped the truth from Marys’ hearts. The daughters God has called to give birth to priests and prophets of God have sold their godly heritage to Satan. Mary and Sarah and Elizabeth and Hannah have been martyred in the body of believers.

We women of God have been told that we have no place and our wombs are not important. The devil has taught us Marys that we should pattern our lives after the men in the word of God. And that Mary is not to be given any honor, or Sarah who is called the mother of faith. We think nothing of believing that we can lay hands on the sick and they will recover. But we laugh at a woman who wants to have a supernatural birth as Mary did, or Sarah in her old age. The miracle births we laugh at, as it is the woman’s role. But we exalt the man’s role.

Then here come lady preachers who further enforce the fact that unless a woman is like a man, she cannot come to heaven. Lady Preacher cries from the Christian pulpit, “Get out of the house and go do something for God.” And yet God calls us to come home and do something for God.

The wise woman builds her house. The wise woman’s feet are found at home. The foolish woman runs from house to house.

And so how do we get our roles as women back? We must be silent and submissive to our husbands. We must be holy and separated unto God. God must be our voice. We must do our good works so that our husbands will see them and glorify our Father in heaven. We are not as slaves of Satan and servants of this world. We are Hannahs and Sarahs. We as women of God are beautiful. We are the women that men love and admire. Sarah was so beautiful that she was dangerous and Abraham was always afraid he would have to fight to keep her. The true women of God are a treasure chest with no bottom to it. And to God, we are as His wives.

We are chosen daughters to give birth to priests and prophets of God. Our daughters are as handmaidens. We raise children who will be blessings instead of curses. Our homes are to be temples of God. In these temples, we raise Daniels and Davids and Josephs. We are the creators behind the scenes that run the world as we live a secret holiness.

Our wombs are important to God. If they are slashed by sorcerers’ knives, then God is the healer and can heal them. And make them come alive again. Oh, yes, the healing of Hannah’s womb is as relevant today as it was back in Bible times. The barren womb is not a problem for God. We have been taught as Christian wives that we can raise the dead if we have the faith. But we can’t raise children for Jesus? Psalms 113:9 He maketh the barren woman to keep house and to be a joyful mother of children. Why can’t we believe this? Why is it easier to believe for the healing of our hearts than the healing of our wombs? Why are we taught in the church that God can heal every part of our bodies and lives but not our wombs? And that in order to serve God, we must cut our wombs?

Why do our breasts and our wombs get full of cancer? Because we have a calling, dear mothers, to use our wombs and breasts for the glory of God. And when they aren’t being used, they rot off. Or a doctor cuts them off. What is the big deal about our breasts and wombs? Why aren’t our legs and necks full of cancer? Why is it our creative parts that the world is so worried about?

We are not called to be men with no wombs or breasts. And then we have the plagues of the whores. Mercy! I have never seen so many whores as lately on TV. Jim says they just get those women off the street to make actresses out of them. If those poor slaves only knew the Lord and what their breasts are for. But they use their creative, godly, holy parts as play toys. They give themselves to evil men, and they blaspheme their temples of God. Each of these whores is made in the image of God and is called for a holy purpose. If they weren’t called to be holy mothers of God, they would have been born animals and not called to be women with wombs. God’s heart must mourn when He sees these women soil with sin a body He made to be glorified with. And God is not done with these street whores or they would be dead. His mercy will keep them alive as long as He can. They were born to be holy, godly wives. To be Marys and Sarahs. And yet they have blasphemed the temple of God.

I think it is so hard to build a temple for the Lord as keepers at home because of the lies about us. It’s hard, as we are barraged with lies. We run all day picking up after our families and we can’t find the creative parts of us. And I feel we are called to keep serving and yet to hide away unto God and to find that part of us that is called to walk in truth. And as we do double duty and find our places of true womanhood, we walk it out in front of our families. And through our silence and faithful duties, they learn who we are as Marys and Sarahs.

We teach our families a new way of life by our behavior. We walk out the truth in front of them, in silence and in prayers. And always holding before us the Lord Jesus Christ and the examples of Mary and Sarah.

And, ya know, you may say, “Hey, doggone it. I don’t want to live as a holy woman of God. I have a choice and I choose to do my own thing. I am a Christian woman and I work and enjoy going to a world church. I bad mouth my husband and don’t teach my children the word of God. But I enjoy going to church and the folks there.” And this is the lie goin’ on in the body of Christ — we can choose to live unholy lives and still go on to glory with the best of ’em. And that lie, right there, is sending women to hell in droves.

We must give up our lives to gain them in Him.

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