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Mother’s Pantry

My children loved applesauce when they were young. I used to buy it in one of those big restaurant cans. I would make applesauce cakes and, also, I would make little buns with a scoop of applesauce in them and sugar and cinnamon on the top, like a kolache.

When the children were all home, I would always set my table with side dishes of a bowl of stewed fruit and a fresh vegetable, along with the cooked vegetable, and then the meat and potatoes. And then, usually, I had a homemade bread of some kind, either cornbread or biscuits or a yeast bread. Mostly, every day I made a homemade soup, too.

For the family meal that we had together, I made a big meal, then the children and I ate leftovers when Jim was at work. But, ya know, we had six children, and if one didn’t like something, the other ones did. But I made most meals to cater to what Jim liked, as he was the bread winner and holding this shootin’ match together. Then, if a few of the kids didn’t like something I had made, they could fill up on soup with the stewed fruit and bread.

When I first began to homeschool, I had the four children home all day. Then Christian was still in public school and Jimmy in the Navy. So I had children with all sorts of schedules. Jimmy came home often on leave at first. So I tried to always have soup on the stove for the children that maybe missed the family meal. Of course, we had many meals to welcome Jimmy home everytime he came home. We were all so proud of Jimmy and still are. But, boy, it was always a cat and mouse game, trying to keep everyone fed and on their way, and often the children would bring friends home for a meal.

After I would get my children up for homeschool and get some major household chores done with their help, I would then have school with them, usually by 7:30. After I got school started, then I was in the kitchen cookin’ and bakin’. We didn’t eat out or get carry out foods, and what I made is what we ate, so I was always busy in the kitchen every morning.

In the winter, the morning baking was just a good schedule for me and would work well into the the spring. But the summers would be so hot, and so, often I would do my major baking at night, after the children were in bed and the house had cooled down. And, too, the children wouldn’t eat near as much in the summer. I would, then, for summer fix at least two kinds of Jello as a side dish. Often the children liked just plain jello with nothing in it. And often, as another side dish, I would make a couple different kinds of the packaged puddings.

I tried to have a bountiful table for the family. The Lord had given me so many miracles, and I just tried to make each meal a celebration. Even if we were low on groceries, I just didn’t confess the negative. I have heard mothers scream at their children and tell them not to eat much, as they don’t have the money to feed them. That kills me inside to hear that, and I would never tell my children such a thing. I would, maybe, tell my oldest daughter that I was low on groceries to let her know that we needed to pray. But, ya know, I would just make biscuts and gravy, and put on some fruit, and make the table look nice with a candle and some sort of centerpiece.

Little children are hungry and they want to eat until they are full. And they want a treat like homemade cookies or cupcakes.

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