Sunday, December 17, 2017

Mother’s Home

Yesterday for dinner, I fixed a baked chicken. I took the whole chicken and cooked it in a big pan of water for a while. Then I took the chicken out of the pan and browned it in the oven. The big pan of water I cooked it in made a broth. I added cream of chicken soup to this. I made dumplings, just like you make biscuits, and I dropped them into the boiling broth on the stove. As the dumplings floated to the top, I put them in the oven and browned them on top. I mixed carrots and celery with the broth, and cooked them all together. Jim really liked the dumplings, and Mary, too.

Then, last evening, Danny stopped to visit. I gave him some leftover gravy and dumplings and some chicken to take home. Then, I had part of the chicken left and some thin gravy, so I put all of this in a ziplock bag and put it in the freezer. I will use this to make chicken soup. I will take a pan and put the chicken in it, as it is still on the bone. And then I will cook it until I can get all of the meat off of the bones. Then I will take all the bones out and have just the chicken in the pan. I will add my leftover chicken gravy to the soup, and then all the vegetables, and some spices.

I am just thinking, too, as I stand here … I bet some of you younger mothers don’t have the really big pans. I pray that the Lord will send you all the big pans so that you can cook a lot. I have one of those tall silver spaghetti pans with the silver flat lid. I think Aldies had them once on sale. Anyway, yesterday, I put my whole chicken in that pan with water and cooked it on the stove. I am going to be praying for some big roasters and canners for you young moms. I used to use my big waterbath canner to do a lot of my cooking, especially for soups. Like, when John and his wife Christine would come to visit, they loved the homemade soups. And I love to be able to send some home in a few jars with the kids. But we need to think in terms of bigger pans, in faith for bigger families, huh?

You can always can up your leftover soups or freeze them in containers for the freezer. Chili freezes especially well. And, ya know, when the chidlren were young and it was Saturday, and we didn’t have homeschool, then Papa would take us places. Oh, just to goof off and go to the Dollar store, or like now, we would drive around and look at Christmas lights in the evening. But I always tried to get up early on Saturday and get a meal ready to put in the oven. Because, ya know, when you have a lot of children, you can’t afford to eat out, except occasionally. So the children would be hungry around noon, and we would go home to a meal already done. Papa would buy some soda pop and maybe some chips to make it festive and fun, and I would have fixed chili. My children loved chili.

But, anyway, I just always tried to have meals on the stove for the children. When they were all home, I made soup almost every day to keep on the back of the stove, plus regular meals. I had three children in public school and then two babies at home at first, when Papa first got saved. Well, Jimmy, my oldest, had a part time job after school, and they all had different schedules. So I kept the soup on the stove for the kids who wouldn’t be eating a regular meal with us in the evening, and Papa would take some in his lunch. That soup would come in mighty handy. I mean, with that many children, they eat up what you fix. If one child didn’t like what I was fixing for supper, then they ate the soup. It was always a good filler for us, especially with homemade bread. I made a lot of chicken vegetable soups and hamburger vegetable soups.

One of my children’s favorite meals is burritos. I just get the tortillas from Aldies, and the refried beans and salsa, the taco package mix for 39

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