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About the Prophecy

Good Morning Ladies,

Mercy, there was a lot of action on the email yesterday. And a lot happened, too. Praise the Lord for Annie’s miracles. Toot got one over on me and that made her day and made her laugh, and it was worth it. I could have written for 3 hours trying to bring her back up. But the Lord knew what would make her laugh. Didn’t I tell ya that my guns only go off when I least expect them to?

But about the prophecy Wendy sent in for me. A lot of that bears witness to me. Especially concerning the deep writings within me. I feel like I have barely scratched the surface in my writing. I feel there is deeper stuff in my soul. I think Wendy was saying to get past my own life and experiences, my own testimony. So far, I have bounced off of my testimony. But I think the Lord is saying to get by that and go on to deeper things. Those writings were important about how the Lord brought me through. But I think that book is finished and if anyone wants to read it, it is there in the archives. But I feel a new book is coming.

I see volumes of books the colors of gold and with a crimson stain around the outside. They will be books of wisdom. They will be books of knowledge and wisdom. Books on homemaking. Inspirational homemaking. How to be led of the Lord in your home and how to listen to the Holy Spirit concerning your home duties. I can see the woman in the log cabin again with the grape vines all around her. I see a woman who is not only a Mary but a Martha, the two together, as one. She uses recipes but she cooks by inspiration, too. And this looks like a tall order to me. But I know the Lord will write the books.

See, dear Mothers, a holy wife-hood is not hard to attain. There are just a few simple steps. Just submit to your husband as unto the Lord. And if ya have a hard marriage, do as Annie has done. She will be our poster woman for a healed marriage, and soon Cara and Cheryle. But let’s get past why we can’t be homemakers and go on and be one.

No matter what we go through, the children need to be fed and cared for. They need quiet homes and scheduled naps, and drinks of water after their little rests in the afternoon. We must cater to the family home and the little ones who can’t often even tell you where they hurt or why they are crying.

Annie stayed home and cared for her children, even though Johnny was doing wrong. And this is your example of Godliness. And Annie’s obedience is what moved the Lord. Of course, Cheryle and Cara have jobs but are good mothers, too, and are home when they can be. Their heart is at home. And children know their mothers’ hearts, and this brings them to security and peace.

But we as wives and mothers are called to holiness through our faithfulness to our husbands, children, and to homemaking. We are called as keepers at home. Our good works and home duties show the world that we are Christians. We must take our spiritual temperatures in the home. We are to ask our husbands how we are doing as Christian wives. We should ask our children if they think we are faithful mothers. Now, sure, almost every teenager is going to say, “Mom is mean.” But you know if you have been faithful to your children or not, and if what they are saying is just hormones talkin’. But are you kind to your teenager and are you as patient with her as you would be with a close friend? Do you honor your husband as lord of the home?

Jesus is our personal Savior. He is personal and watches you and your family all the time. He is with you constantly, not just on Sunday at church. He watches you when no one else does. And we must serve Him as a God pleaser and not as a man pleaser. And if you are a good and dutiful mother and wife, and you go to church and are being fed spiritually, then this is good and how it is to be. But don’t come to church cuz you can’t take home anymore and you are looking for an escape from the duties.

But, Mothers, I do covet your prayers concerning my writing. And Wendy’s prophesy over me. I do desire to write about the wisdom of God as Jill and Dixie and I had understood her. I am sending this to Jill today, too. Jill, if you want me to send Wendy’s prophesy, let me know, OK?

Wendy is very spiritual and is from New Zealand. She rolls her own cigarettes but I trust her in prayer. But Wendy goes to church, so that will make Aunt Toot happy.

Anyway, I want to write about the wisdom of God concerning homemaking. I have to stop for now. But will write later. Please pray for me.


Christmas Inspirations

Last night, as Papa was home for the evening, I made some holiday breads, just from my own inspirations. I imagined myself as an old fashioned mother deep in the forest, far away from all recipe books. Oh, a health nut would have hung me for this bread I made last night, but I wanted it to be really old fashioned. I used a cup and a half of pig lard from my imaginary hog, and six eggs from my pretend chickens. I used milk from my pretend cow. I put in my bread dough brown sugar and white, and I stuffed it with raisins and cinnamon and nuts.

I made two braided loaves of bread. One I laid out flat and, when it was done baking and cooled, I frosted it with white icing and sprinkled green sugar and red over the top. The second braid I made into a circle like a wreath and baked it in my big cast iron skillet. I iced it, also, after it was done baking, with white frosting and green sprinkled sugar on the top. I will use these cinnamon loaves to give away for Christmas.

I made Papa and Mary caramel rolls from the same dough. I just took my square cast iron frying pan and filled it with some brown sugar and maple syrup and margarine. Then I placed cinnamon rolls in it and baked it. When it’s done, you tip your pan out on another pan so the goo is on the top. Papa loved these and ate and ate of them, and Mary loved them, too.

Then I made a small plain loaf that didn’t turn out.

A few days ago, I bought some more nice ground beef for a buck a pound again at the meat market. So I mixed up some more sausage and I will shape these into loaves this morning and bake them. I still have to make fudge, maybe tonight, and also the traditional cut out sugar cookies.

Merry Christmas to Friends and Family.

A Christmas Home

Dear Christmas Mothers,

This morning, as I was praying, I could see Mother in a little Christmas cabin in the woods. I could see her candle in the window as I went up to her house and she invited me in. Oh, I was not a guest, just a silent Christmas Mother.

It was early morning and she was busy getting out her cooking supplies and laying them out on her old wooden cabinet. In her mind, she was planning for what to have for lunch, as she had planned to bake Christmas cookies this morning and she wanted lunch fixed and out of the way. She had decided on homemade chicken soup with vegetables and herbs. She wanted to have her soup simmering on the stove all morning as she baked her holiday fare. She got out her flour, and white sugar and brown, and her shortening and butter. She got out her walnuts from her jar in the pantry and her colored sugar that she had made and dried the night before. She looks for her raisins and cinnamon and nutmeg and ginger, and she puts all of her treasures neatly on her cabinet next to her cooking bowl and large stirring spoon.

Mother is happy and busy with her hands. She reads her picture on the wall. Busy Hands Make Happy Hearts. The children were still sleeping. But Mother was lively as she had prayed and read the word, got her apron on, and now was about her Father’s business. Her table was cleared off and, sitting by her lighted lantern, was her Bible laid open to a favorite scripture. Her bread of life. And Mother sang quietly as she went about her work. “Oh, the crimson blood that washes white as snow.”

Her heart is full of Joy and singing. Not because she has no problems but because her burdens are laid upon Jesus. And He gives her JOY. She casts down the flesh and every evil thought that wants to exalt itself above the knowledge of God. She has given her dreams and imaginations to the Lord. And she yields her hands to righteousness. And now she is free to be about her Father’s business. It’s Christmas and she is determined to be a joyful mother.

Soon the children are awake and come in the kitchen longing for Mother’s touch. She scoops them up in her arms and sits them in her lap, and she presses her face against sweet warm cheeks. The fragrance of a child fresh out of bed in the morning is like a spark and smell of heaven. A feeling of deep peace mixed with the scents of home.

Papa is sleeping as he worked the night before. Peace and safety reigns in Mother’s Kingdom. All is well and all is good and things are moving as they should. Mother is at peace because Jesus is first in her heart. She builds her home upon the rock and all is well.

Psalms 113:9 He maketh the barren woman to keep house and to be a joyful mother of children.

Love and prayers,

A Hand Made Christmas

You know what, Christmas Mothers? Children don’t know that you are poor unless you tell them. Some years, we had so very little money to spend at Christmas, and some years, we had more. But you know, if you just have a little gift for the children to open up under the tree, that is enough.

We mothers used to mainly make our Christmas with our hands. I would make the cut out cookies galore. They are so simple to make with just the most basic ingredients, and then I would frost them with simple butter frosting. Just melt some margarine in a pan and add a bit of milk, and then start adding powdered sugar until it is thick. Add a bit of vanilla if you have it. I would frost the cookies and then sprinkle colored sugar over the top.

I made my colored sugar with food coloring. Just put some sugar in a cup and add the food coloring and mix it up. Beet juice could be used to color sugar, just a little bit … it willl turn out an old fashioned red. Making the colored sugar with the plain white crystal sugar makes the cookies look so much more old fashioned and pretty. If you have some kool-aid, you could mix it with a drop of water and color your sugar with that. Just put about a half cup of sugar in a bowl and put the coloring in, just a drop, and then it will dry pretty fast. I save mine, too, until I decorate again.

I have the old Amish mother and father cookie cutters. Mary has made so many cookies with these and decorated with maybe 3 different kinds of sugar on each cookie. Just smooth it on with your fingers. We haven’t made any cookies yet. I have been making other things.

You can just take an afternoon and make cookies with the children. They would love that. Tell them that this is their Christmas and that they can make their own cookies. We used to always save our coffee cans and decorate them with Christmas paper, and then we would put cookies in them. Maybe the children could decorate their own containers and put their own cookies in them. It’s a simple project. I used to cut a brown paper sack, lay it out flat, and then wad it up so it would look old, then cover my can with this. Then I would tie a brown string around it. Maybe the children could color on the paper that covers their cans. And then maybe you could make special cookies for them to open on Christmas morning, too.

You know, the old time Mothers never bought much for the family for Christmas. It was mainly handmade things. And their Christmases were so beautiful.

I think a mother who can set a festive Christmas table is worth her weight in gold. To just put a candle on the table and light it, and just make it pretty. My grandma Jaunita used to use her red and white linens at Christmas. She didn’t have fancy tablecloths with a Christmas design, but she would just use a tablecloth that had red and white flowers on it. Oh, she would set a beautiful table. So many of us have dishes that we never use. Let’s get them it out and use them this Christmas. I have a lovely set, white with red roses on them. I must get them out tomorrow. Papa has a box under the tree for me. I know it is a set of Christmas dishes. The children and their Daddy always know what to buy Mama … “dishes.” Danny, last year, got me dessert plates at the dollar store for a buck each … the Currier and Ives, each with a different winter scene on them.

Also, I left my big table out with the two leaves in it from Thanksgiving. This way, I have fixed a place at the end for us to eat our meals, and the other end I use for baking. I have my white poinsettas in the middle. I don’t have the counter space, so I just make a space to mix my sausage and to do other kitchen chores at the end of the table. I made a second batch of sausage this afternoon. I have to knead it on the table. I will give some of this away for Christmas.

I try to have my cassette recorder out and the Christmas songs playing, and the candles lit on the table as I cook and make things for Christmas. I think that Mother brings in the Christmas spirit to the family. We need so much to make a shelter for family, and the Christmas season is the time to do it.

One year, I had a lot of cranberries in my freezer and strawberries, too. I made the cranberries as usual, as the directions said. Then I added the strawberries and mixed them up, adding sugar until I thought it was good and tasty. The cranberries thickened the strawberries and it made a wonderful jam. I called it Christmas Jam. I put in in jars and gave it away for Christmas. As long as you have the cranberries to thicken the jam, you could use red raspberries or apples to make your jam, and even apricots. Oh, yum, that sounds so good!

The Hidden Mother

Dear Mothers,

I cannot believe I am writing about the Hidden Mother. The devil has tried to murder me, practically, to keep me from writing this. I have even felt forsaken of God over it and the enemy of my soul has condemned me for it until I have felt devastated, hopeless, and worthless. And yesterday was such a reprieve from the mental suffering. I cast myself down and onto Papa’s heart. I was totally honest with him and asked him to pray for me. I told him how depressed I have been and Papa’s heart so reached out to me. And I told the Lord last night that I could not pray any longer about the hidden mother, as I have felt it was killing me. And I cast my heart upon the Lord’s lap for Him to heal and restore me. And I am barely restored now and I come back to the part where I left off and again I pray to see the hidden mother.

She lives in me and she cries out to the Lord. Maybe she is in the letters group. But I must write to her. I know her so well. She is a mother and wife hidden away. I see her in her cabin in the woods. Grapevines surround her house, and even some of the vines are in her house. Christ is the vine and we are the branches. She … “Ruby” is wet with the anointing of God. She glistens with His touch. She mourns and grieves to really know Him, the True Vine. Many of her vines are dead and dried. And she prays daily to see a green leaf bud forth in new life.

This woman, Ruby, she works hard. She has some modern appliances, but not many. But she is obedient to the Lord and to her husband, and she is a good mother and has a happy family. But she has a wound that cannot be healed except by the Lord Jesus Christ. She is diligent and faithful and yet she calls out to a father that “seemingly” never hears her. Well, He hears her on most things except when she prays about the hidden mother.

To the world, Ruby is anointed of God. And yet to Ruby, she hurts so much that she doesn’t even notice her anointing. The world is like brick walls to her. Her shepherds never touch her heart as her hurt is so hidden. She is not of this world, and she calls to a distant land, an heavenly land. A supernatural place. Ruby has learned to hide her heart as there seems to be no balm in Gilead. There is no medicine or physician that can sooth her. She must have a touch from Him, the true Physician. Being cold or hungry or uncomfortable never bothers Ruby for the hurt in her heart is so much more grievous. For she lives out of her heart. And she protects her heart for out of it are the issues of life.

She cares not for fame and glory or money or wealth. For her heart is calling out to Jesus and without Him, she can do nothing. She lives from one anointing to the next. From one calling of God to the next calling. She lives from split second visions. For nothing in this world satisfies her. And she pulls on the Lord’s hem and calls out continually for more of Him. And she calls, “Give me children lest I die. And though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him.”

And some of you Mothers will say, “Well, Connie this hidden mother is you … you are writing about yourself.” And I think she is like me and like you. But we are not her. I see someone else in my heart and it is not me.

Ya know, Larry Jones used to have a show on TV called “Feed The Children” and their crew would go up into the Appalachian mountains and interview poor families. And, of course, they solicited the TV viewers for money to buy food for the children. And they needed food, too, and I am glad someone helps them. But I loved watching this show because, every now and again, you would catch a glimpse of the hidden mother. Some of those mothers were so brave and courageous. These mothers would have made it, with or without Larry Jones and his truck, but I am sure the food supplies were appreciated. These mothers had guts and inner strength. They had strong moral strength called virtue. They were virtuous women.

And Jill used to talk about her cousin Lydia. This woman was so poor, she had nothing and she had 5 children. Lydia’s Mother was poor, too, but she helped Lydia and her children. And she didn’t want her daughter to divorce. I think the dad was a drunk — I can’t remember. But he didn’t much support the family. Lydia didn’t even have dressers for her children and she used cardboard boxes to put her children’s clothes neatly away in. And they used washed out vegetable cans to drink out of for drinking glasses. But her own mother was a great support and strength to her. I don’t think a day hardly goes by that I don’t think of Lydia. Of course, she has to be older now and her children are grown. But she was so poor and forsaken and yet she always did her best and never gave up. And her life and story is a pillar of strength in my heart. She has, without knowing it, built a stronghold of God in my spirit. She is a source of strength to me and I have never even laid eyes on her or met her.

Another woman is June. Dixie used to tell me about her. She wrote to Dixie from one of the southern states. She lived in the mountains. And she said that the mountain woman where she was at talked about the wisdom of God like Dixie did. But, see, I think my writings on wisdom were spiritually birthed through some of those women in the mountains out of great poverty and hardship. Because these women had to have the wisdom of God or die. And if they were worth their salt in any way, they wanted to stay married. See, June had married Dixie’s brother-in-law Walter. Well, he was a wild motorcycle ridin’ Hells Angel. But he came to Christ through his wife’s witness and prayers.

Before Walter got saved, he would come to Dixie’s to visit Bill. Oh, we would pray for him to get lost and go in the other direction. He was a menace to Dixie’s life. Dixie would tell me, “Oh, Connie, pray. Connie, pray that Walter will never find his way to our farm.” Well, I spent half my life praying for Walter to never come to Dixie’s farm. Bill — wild Bill, Dixie’s husband — wanted to see his brother Walt. But Walt was such a horrid character that Dixie didn’t want him in the house. Boy, was he bad! Well, our prayers worked in reverse and Walt married June and she made a man out of him. They both got saved. June first, of course. Finally, when Walter did find Bill and Dixie’s farm, he had been saved and was toting his wife June on the back of his motorcycle. But Dixie showed me June’s letters later on and oh what wisdom June had. I have never met June, either, but she is another pillar of faith in my heart and spirit.

But the wisdom of God does not come without the crimson stain, the suffering and grieving for a fruitful womb and for a husband complete in Christ. Some of your labors of the spirit will be harder than others. And my labor has been especially hard lately. And yet with every labor pain that is suffered through its season, life will come forth out of it.

I labor to see the hidden Mother. I don’t know her. I don’t know Sarah or Elisabeth. I know of them, but don’t know them. I know of Lydia and June. But I have not suffered as they have and I guess that’s why I don’t understand the wisdom of God as they have. But as I seek, I will find. As I listen for wisdom’s voice, I will hear her. And she will come to me and help me and show me supernatural births. I must see them. They are in the word of God and I must behold them in my own heart.

Papa was so tender to me yesterday. He knows I am Hannah and that I grieve for another fruitful seed, one from Jim. Oh, I would adopt, too. But my heart cry is for a supernatural seed and birth. And I say to the Lord, “Lord, I am not 20 years old anymore. I am 55. And 56 in the spring and have had 6 children. Am I nuts, Lord?” And I get no answer. And I know I am calling out into the deep, to a holy place where it is silent. And yet I continue to call. My words call to Him. My soul and spirit and all of my being calls out to Him. My body says, “Connie, stop! You are wearing me out.” And my own soul wants to stop and give up. But the spirit within me keeps calling for the hidden mother, for her spirit to be in me.


Home Sweet Home

Good Morning. It’s early in the morning on a cold winter’s day. I have my little burner on, and this morning, I put a little pan of water on my burner. I had some orange peelings from last evening, as I was eating oranges. I saved them for today and I put the peelings in the water along with some cloves, and this will make the air smell spicey and homey. I will have to watch it so it doesn’t boil dry.

Last evening, I made a vanilla sugar. You just take a box of instant vanilla pudding and add sugar to it. I added about a cup of sugar to the dry pudding. I put it in a jar and use it for my coffee.

Years ago, we would buy vanilla beans and stick them in our canister of sugar, and we would make the big jars of hot cocoa mix and put a vanilla bean in the jar. But the vanilla beans are so expensive now, so I am using the vanilla pudding, instead. Maggie, the hillbilly housewife, uses the pudding mix in with her dry coffee creamer, and that’s a good idea, too. You could also mix the butterscotch dry pudding mix with brown sugar and use that to flavor your coffee.

Orange sugar is good for hot tea. Just grind some orange peel up in your blender with some sugar, and you can use this sugar to sweeten your tea. But that sugar can get clunky, so just make enough to last you a week or so.

I love the plain Lipton hot tea, and then I can add my own spices and herbs. Often, at Christmas, I would make tea for the children with broken candy canes in it. This makes a fun peppermint tea for the little ones to drink with Mama.

As a young mom years ago, with all my children, I couldn’t afford all of the flavored coffees and expensive teas. Mercy! I needed to spend my money on milk and eggs. So I would make up some of my own herb teas. I love herbs and learned to grow my own and dry them for the winter. The long way around to a cup of tea, but that was what life was all about. The children and Papa came first, so I really never got used to the more expensive teas and coffees. I use just plain evaporated milk for my coffee and, now, flavored vanilla sugar to sweeten it.

This is something I will probably do for the Christmas season. I will make a little place on the buffet to have hot drinks available. I have a little set of china Christmas cups and saucers. They have a Christmas design on them and a white background. I have a white tea pot that Papa had bought me years ago and I get it out for the holidays. It, being white, goes with all of my cups and the fall cups, too, as they have a white background. I will tie a Christmas ribbon on the handle, as I do every year for Christmas tea.

So I will fix a little spot for the family to easily make a hot beverage. Mary loves hot tea and Jim drinks it sometimes. I will also make some of the hot cocoa mix and put it in a jar for Jim. He loves hot cocoa and Mary, too. We will have guests, as we always do … old friends who drop by for a cup of hot tea or coffee and holiday cookies.

I will put a small candle beside my tea pot to light for the evening or the wee hours of the morning when Papa and I are up together. I have a battery candle, and this would be nice to use and set by the tea pot.

Cinnamon sticks or whole cloves are nice to drop into your tea pot for a spicey hot tea, or orange peels, or all three together.

The tea bags are cheap at the dollar stores and I think they have Lipton tea. Also, the spices are just two for a buck. You can make a lot of tea with these prices and serve a lot of weary Christmas travelers.

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Mother’s Home

Yesterday for dinner, I fixed a baked chicken. I took the whole chicken and cooked it in a big pan of water for a while. Then I took the chicken out of the pan and browned it in the oven. The big pan of water I cooked it in made a broth. I added cream of chicken soup to this. I made dumplings, just like you make biscuits, and I dropped them into the boiling broth on the stove. As the dumplings floated to the top, I put them in the oven and browned them on top. I mixed carrots and celery with the broth, and cooked them all together. Jim really liked the dumplings, and Mary, too.

Then, last evening, Danny stopped to visit. I gave him some leftover gravy and dumplings and some chicken to take home. Then, I had part of the chicken left and some thin gravy, so I put all of this in a ziplock bag and put it in the freezer. I will use this to make chicken soup. I will take a pan and put the chicken in it, as it is still on the bone. And then I will cook it until I can get all of the meat off of the bones. Then I will take all the bones out and have just the chicken in the pan. I will add my leftover chicken gravy to the soup, and then all the vegetables, and some spices.

I am just thinking, too, as I stand here … I bet some of you younger mothers don’t have the really big pans. I pray that the Lord will send you all the big pans so that you can cook a lot. I have one of those tall silver spaghetti pans with the silver flat lid. I think Aldies had them once on sale. Anyway, yesterday, I put my whole chicken in that pan with water and cooked it on the stove. I am going to be praying for some big roasters and canners for you young moms. I used to use my big waterbath canner to do a lot of my cooking, especially for soups. Like, when John and his wife Christine would come to visit, they loved the homemade soups. And I love to be able to send some home in a few jars with the kids. But we need to think in terms of bigger pans, in faith for bigger families, huh?

You can always can up your leftover soups or freeze them in containers for the freezer. Chili freezes especially well. And, ya know, when the chidlren were young and it was Saturday, and we didn’t have homeschool, then Papa would take us places. Oh, just to goof off and go to the Dollar store, or like now, we would drive around and look at Christmas lights in the evening. But I always tried to get up early on Saturday and get a meal ready to put in the oven. Because, ya know, when you have a lot of children, you can’t afford to eat out, except occasionally. So the children would be hungry around noon, and we would go home to a meal already done. Papa would buy some soda pop and maybe some chips to make it festive and fun, and I would have fixed chili. My children loved chili.

But, anyway, I just always tried to have meals on the stove for the children. When they were all home, I made soup almost every day to keep on the back of the stove, plus regular meals. I had three children in public school and then two babies at home at first, when Papa first got saved. Well, Jimmy, my oldest, had a part time job after school, and they all had different schedules. So I kept the soup on the stove for the kids who wouldn’t be eating a regular meal with us in the evening, and Papa would take some in his lunch. That soup would come in mighty handy. I mean, with that many children, they eat up what you fix. If one child didn’t like what I was fixing for supper, then they ate the soup. It was always a good filler for us, especially with homemade bread. I made a lot of chicken vegetable soups and hamburger vegetable soups.

One of my children’s favorite meals is burritos. I just get the tortillas from Aldies, and the refried beans and salsa, the taco package mix for 39

Sugar, Flour and Potatoes on Sale

Good Morning. Brrr. It is cold this morning here in Iowa. I just lit my little burner and I am waiting for the house to warm up. I am all bundled up and enjoying some hot coffee. I have a long skirt on with jogging pants underneath. Then I have a sweatshirt on and a little jacket over the top. As the day goes on, I may shed some of these layers … and maybe not.

Are you doing Christmas baking yet? I wanted to be sure to tell you that in our area, sugar and flour is really on sale this week. I got sugar for 77

It’s Wisdom

It’s wisdom
that calls the bears
to hibernate in caves.

With wisdom a house is built.
Every wise woman builds her house.

It’s wisdom
and understanding from God.

Not every animal has wisdom,
like the ostrich has none
and doesn’t care for her young.

And the foolish woman
has no wisdom
and tears down her house
with her own hands.

It’s given by God,
just as He gives it to the animals.

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