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Baptized in Wisdom

Last night, Jim was watching John Wayne movies on TV. Good ol’ John Wayne. But right through the noisy guns going off, the Lord was speaking to me. I was too tired to write it all on paper, as we had a busy day. I hate it when the Lord is speaking to me and I can’t get it written down. But this morning I feel fresh and alive with the Lord so will write this down. And here is the vision.

I could see this woman. She was old timey — lived in a cabin in the hills. Somehow her spirit came over on me and I felt what she felt. She longed for the Lord. She ached for His presence and anointing. She loved her pots and pans and cooking things. Her way of shutting the world out was to get alone in her kitchen and clean and make things. I think this is an older Titus woman. I don’t know. I won’t know who she is until the Lord shows me, as I write. Anyway, she prayed and believed God as she cooked and made things in her kitchen.

Now, this woman would gather her woman things together and shut out the world. I can see her in my spirit. She locked the front door and sat on her couch and looked at the quilt her grandmother made. Then she looked at her dishes and her pans. And then she says to the world, “No, you won’t come in.” And she just took solace in her place as a private wife to her husband. And she prayed for her family. She walked about her house calling down the glory of God and throwing Satan out. A powerful woman of God, a private wife and mother of many children.

She seems, as I see her, to be baptized into wisdom. Baptized and drenched and soaked in the work of the wise woman who builds her house. I see her so full of the anointing for homemaking that, as she walks, the Holy Spirit just trickles out of her and hits anyone around her. It overflows her and, as her shadow falls upon other women, they pick up her spirit of wisdom. She abandons herself unto the Lord but, when she comes out to be among them, her handmaidens, she comes with the meat of the word. She equips the saints for service and every good work.

“Oh, Glory! Fall upon these mothers, Lord Jesus. Equip them for every good work. And, Lord, make me the Titus mother that I should be. In Jesus’ Name.”

The women in our country have been raped and molested like you wouldn’t believe. During WW 2, the wives and mothers left the home to work in the factories. But many, when their men came home, kept on workin’. They loved their independence, their own money. And yet still the Christian church wasn’t much affected. Every Christian worth their salt knew a mother’s place was at home. Then in the past 20 years, the church began to preach Christian feminism. Now we are at a deeper level. Satan entered the Christian spirit. Mother not only left the home but the church, too.

The third level is that witch doctors are cutting off women’s breasts and wombs. “Aw, they don’t mean anything — just cut them off, even if they aren’t full of cancer.” They aren’t needed for anything, anyway. These poor women are so lied to and raped by the church. God created them to be women and yet they are told by the world and the church that they as women — they as life givers — mean nothing. Only in their places as they act as men are they worth anything to the world or to God Himself. What a crock of lies, full of deception. Like barrels of vipers, spewing out lies.

And women have bought it. They used to be private wives in safe homes run by men. Now they are forced out into the world, as feminism has made it almost impossible for a family to live on one income. These feminists are gonna keep pushin’ this trash until they have made utter slaves of women. Ya know, in Africa, in the jungle where they practice witchcraft and voodoo, the man sits at home and the many wives have to do the hunting, bring home the game and dress it out, and feed their husbands. He does nothing but eat and sleep.

And this is where it all goes when it becomes a religion. The Christian feminists are pushing and pushing for this in our country. They are as good as a man and can do all the work. They are fighting to do it. Like Tom Sawyer fighting to paint the fence himself. Well, even he knew that was a no end deal. What if he became the best fence painter in town and Aunt Polly was to hire him out to paint fences. He was no dummy. He made it all look like fun and solicited his friends to do his job. But the feminist ain’t that smart. She wants to paint the fence herself and brag about how good she can do it. And the male is the stronger sex. And it won’t be long until these women, both Christian and unbelievers, will be the slaves of men. Like street walkers and prostitutes. They have exchanged the natural use of their breasts and wombs and told the men that they were nothing but playthings and could even make money in the process. (Romans 1) What a wicked society we live in!

So many of you mothers hurt in your bodies, as you have been cut by so called doctors. I was given a double of pitocin and it blew my uterus to heck. I almost died but fought to keep my uterus, as I nearly bled to death. Papa tells the testimony, “Connie told those doctors she was gonna own them and their hospital.” Well, they wanted my uterus and I wasn’t gonna let them have it. Anyway, I rolled off my death bed in about 3 days and never looked back. Never went back for any check up or any pelvic and that has been 17 years ago. I have never had a mammogram in my life. My breasts are not for cancer but to comfort Jim with and to nurse babies. Duh? I am Jim’s private wife. I submit to my own husband.

But so many of you mothers hurt. Not only in the physical but spiritually. You don’t know what’s wrong. You are depressed and what is wrong, you don’t know. Well, take a man and cut his penis off and tell him he didn’t need it, anyway. And we will see if he is depressed. Oh, God help us. But come on, why wouldn’t we be depressed?

This vision I had of this mother in her cabin who was baptized with wisdom? I am wondering if this is a special help from the Lord to set us women free of the evil feminists’ religion that is binding us? I don’t know — I have to keep praying about it. But I see this baptism of wisdom setting women free. Oh, how evil this feminism is, and then to sanction it in the church.

And folks say, “Well, look at the women in other countries that have baby after baby and how poor their countries are.” Well, they are not believers. God’s babies are taken care of. Jesus Christ is the fertility God, if only folks knew that. A fertility God isn’t some statue or idol. The Lord tells us many times in the word as believers to be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth. And our earth needs to be replenished. Our population is getting so old and the babies are not being born as they should be. As this goes on, we will die out. Africa is dying with AIDS and we are, too, but not as fast. This is what comes of birth control. They are not using their bodies for what God intended.

Birth control keeps women from getting pregnant. But what about AIDS? Women kill their babies and Satan kills them. The thief comes to steal kill and destroy. But Jesus has come that we would have life abundant. And no one is abundant who is sterile. So you have no babies and more money. How stupid to replace children with money. I would beg in the street for food if I could have another baby. Who wants to be dried up and useless and childless? Just for security in this world?

Oh, God forgive us. We expect this sin from the world but not from the believers. How we weep for the children God had for us but, because of sin, we never saw them. And we can all be healed of barrenness. Most all of the women in the word were barren. He can untie your tubes. He can make us all fertile. Nothing is impossible with God. This is what the angel told Mary and she didn’t even have a man’s seed and she became pregnant. The Lord God overshadowed her and she conceived a seed. Couldn’t that happen to you? Well, it’s in the Bible.

But in order to go on in God, you must face this thing of birth control. Some of you will get your tubes untied, but you don’t need to — God can heal you. But we need to get our womanhood back. Satan has stolen it and we have to have it back. Pray for fertility and abundance in your homes.

Broken homes have to have answers. The wise woman builds the house. She must be saturated in the wisdom of God.

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