Saturday, February 24, 2018

Cinnamon Bread and Coffee

Papa is at work and I am making cinnamon bread for when he gets home tonight. He will be home in about three hours.

A few days ago, when I made the cottage cheese, I used the warm whey that I had drained off the cheese to make bread with. It was so nice and warm, the perfect temperature to make the yeast to rise. I didn’t want to waste any of that wonderful raw milk, so I made up the bread dough and just put it in the refrigerator to use for later. Well, tonight, I got it out and made the yeast cinnamon bread.

I just rolled the dough out flat and covered it with margarine, raisins, cinnamon, and brown sugar. Then I rolled the dough up into a large roll and pinched it tight. Then I put this in my big round oiled black cast iron frying pan to rise, with a towel on the top. Even though the bread dough looked like a loaf when I set it to rise, it will rise and take the shape of the pan, so it will be large and round.

I have my candle going. The scent is called Oatmeal Raisin Cookies. Now, I buy the little candles when I go to the Drug Store with Jim. I forget the brand name of them, but they cost about a buck 50 cents. They cost more, but they smell so good, and I love ’em. The other candles don’t smell, but these that I buy make the house smell homey and spicey.

I have an old fashioned kerosene lamp in the middle of my table. I try to light that in the evening and for our noon family meals. I had red oil in there and now, tonight, I had to fill it up and I used blue. So the color of the oil will turn a dark purple, once it sits awhile.

Tonight after work, Papa will come home drink his coffee and enjoy the bread.

Also, another tip that is really handy that I do all the time. I have a pumpkin mug on the table and I put my spoons in there when I do the dishes. This way, they are handy for the family. The old time mothers used to have a glass sort of dish they put on the table to put spoons in. They called it a spoonery. For each season, I change what I put my spoons in. I had gotten a big old glass mug from a garage sale one summer that was an original A&W Root Beer mug. I have used that a lot to put spoons in for the table, usually in the summer. A spoonery is nice for the table for when you have friends for tea or coffee. Mary loves the hot chocolate for the winter and needs a spoon to stir it.

See, my table isn’t in the kitchen. It’s in the dining room. My kitchen is very small and cozy. It just has the stove in there and a few cabinets, and a few little tables. Our refrigerator is in the dining room, too.

My little kitchen has an old hoosier in it. It’s very old fashioned. The ceiling is actually falling in. We have had it fixed many times, but the roof still leaks. And when it does, I have to dodge and duck the rain drops falling on my head. Makes me think of an old log cabin and what the pioneer mothers had to do. I love it. It’s where I’ve cooked many meals for my large brood, and I have fond memories of cooking and baking in that little old fashioned room.

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