Saturday, February 24, 2018

Home Making

Yesterday, Jim was again working on the wall papering. Then we went to some garage sales. I wanted Papa to stay home and rest, but he wouldn’t.

But, anyway, I found some really pretty linen dish towels. The one I got for a buck had an old time fall scene on it. It was probably made in the 1940’s. It was starched, of course, as all the old time homemakers ironed and starched their linens. I will use it on my table in the middle.

Often, to organize my thinking, I will clear off the table and fix it up. I do this daily. In the middle, I will put a little cloth and, on this cloth, I will put a candle, the salt and pepper shakers, napkins, the sugar bowl and creamer. I made hot pepper vinegar and I have that there, too, in a fancy bottle. The old time mothers always had vinegar on the table and oil for salads. And also, I will put a picture of Jesus there, too. Or I will have my Bible out and open to a special verse to read as I walk by the table. Like Deut 28. (Please read that today.)

I have a plastic cloth on my table, so the smaller old linens on top of that are pretty. I only pay a few bucks for my plastic table cloths, and then I change them with the seasons. See, I use my table to roll out cookies or pies, so I have to have plastic down, as my family table is wood. Of course, I use my cutting board to cut my noodles. I always keep my cutting board out, and right beside where I sit at the table. When I am not using it to cut vegetables, I put a little cloth on it and set my pans on it and serve things from the table, like a roast or whatever.

But in order for me to get organized, I have to have my table organized first. Often, after a meal, I will put my flour and sugar and baking powder on my wooden board to be ready for the next meal preparation.

Lately, I have made a lot of soups and stews and cornbread. With the cornbread that I have left over, I will cube it with a sharp knife. And then, I put cubes in my black skillet with oil and margarine in it. Then I put coarsely ground black pepper on the cubes and garlic salt. And I bake them until they are brown. They are good to eat with a salad. I just store them in a jar after they cool. You could serve them with soups, too.

I say all of this to help you to prepare for your families. Enlarge your tents, dear Mothers. Believe God for your men to come home and for your wombs to be fruitful. Be blessed in your coming in and going out. In the city and in the country. May your kneading bowls and noodle boards be blessed. May your aprons be anointed. Today, hear the voice of wisdom. Prepare your homes for miracles.

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