Saturday, February 24, 2018


I longed for the wisdom of God above everything else in this world. I have longed for her more than I have wanted anything else. You don’t know how many days I have mourned for her presence.

Lately, the Lord gave me a picture of a wife alone in her cabin. In her cabin was a grape vine and it overshadowed her, and she clung to it. She wept upon it. Then I saw her in her grape arbor, and she prayed in secret in the vineyard.

Yesterday, the Lord gave me the interpretation of this. He said that this mother was clinging to the true vine, which is Christ Jesus. She clings to Him alone in her home and on her land. She clings to Him in the darkness, and she desires no other voice but His voice.

Proverbs 31 “With the fruit of her hands she plants a vineyard.”

Now, I don’t know if this woman is me the Lord was showing me. But this woman longed for nothing as much as she longed for Christ, the true vine. And I have longed after the spirit of wisdom. I have longed to be the virtuous woman, but I have felt so bad that I was not her. The deepest cry of my heart has not been for a child, but that I would be the virtuous woman.

I have had visions of myself with my face down to the ground and my mouth in the dirt calling deep unto deep. I have called the wisdom of God into my mouth and that I would swallow wisdom and be able to write it down. Because I know it to set the captive free. It is the freedom you women are looking for. I long to give it to you. And, yet, I have not had it myself. Sometimes I have it for a few days, or for a few fleeting moments.

But, today, the Lord explained it to me that I have it, all the time. I don’t have to keep seeking her as silver and gold … she is here and I have her now. And this revelation has set me free.

I am the virtuous woman and my price is far above rubies. I am not her because I am good. But I am her because the Lord is in me. And, of course, now I long for you to receive her, too. I mean you couldn’t get me to sell this experience that I just had for all the money in the world. Jesus just gave me the Lotto.

Many times after Jim would go to work, I would be here alone. I would clean the house and do this to invite the wisdom of God. I would think that the Holy Spirit wouldn’t come to my house as I was not good enough. I would invite wisdom again and again, and the wisdom would somehow come. And, yet, it would leave and I would say, “Lord, how do I keep the wisdom of God with me all the time?”

And now the Lord has shown me that she is here with me all the time. I don’t have to cry after her like an abandoned child. I am like Sarah and Mary and Ruth and Esther. I don’t have to beg the Lord to make me like Elizabeth. Because Christ was in her as He is in me. Sarah is my mother of faith. I am like her. I don’t have to beg the Lord anymore to make me like her.

I feel so satisfied in my heart. The Lord has shown me volumes of Wisdom that I will write some day. Wisdom is the helper to Jesus Christ within us. She can be with us all the time to teach us to build our homes, as wise and holy wives and mothers.

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