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A Pantry Staple

[In reply to questions about canning.]

I just set a big pan on the stove and fill it with the tomatoes, unpeeled and uncored. Just get the mud off. I bring the water to a boil. Then I shut the water off. Then fish the tomatoes out of the boiling water, one by one, and put into ice water, and the skin will rip off easily as you peel them.

Also, about your cucumbers. Probably, for refrigerator pickles, you will need the bigger cucumbers to slice. Right? I dont really know. I think for pickling the really small ones, you have to grow a certain kind. I always grow the bigger ones, and Papa likes bread and butter pickles.

Anyway, I have loads of tomatoes to do today. I am just going to put them through the blender, cored but unpeeled, and make a tomato sauce because I have too many to peel. Later on, when things slow down around here, I will make some stewed tomatoes, cored and peeled, and I will can them. But, with all the remodleing, I am so behind. So today, I will just wash my tomatoes and core them, and not peel them, and put them thruugh the blender with very little water. Then I will pour them into my big roaster that I use to cook a 25 pound turkey in. I will then put my sauce in the oven on low and simmer it all day. When it is cooked down, then I will water bath can it. Or you could freeze it in plastic containers. I just use this for winter soups and stews.

Making this sauce goes really fast, once ya get started, and it is great fun. I just put a few cups of water in my blender and start in blending tomatoes. When you go to dump the tomatoe puree into your pan, just dump half of it, and use the remaining liquid to keep swirling more tomatoes. So you dont have to add anymore than the liquid you began with. But I get very creative with this mixture. I blend onions and peppers and basil in with my tomatoes. Also, black pepper, salt and a little sugar, maybe a tablespoon. Maybe fresh garlic, if ya got it. Your mixture will foam up, and you can just take a spoon and dip it off the top and throw the foam away. I start my mixture out on the top of the stove and bring it to a boil, so I can get the foam off the top. Then I put the mixture in the oven to simmer all day. Then, when I get around to it, I water bath can it … usually the next morning. But if I make it today, I won’t get back to it until tomorrow afternoon because I have to help my aunt tomorrow morning. But don’t let it set too long or it will spoil.

The object is to cook it down and get the liquid out. But it will never get really thick unless you want to add tomato paste to it. I don’t because I figure, if I want it thick, I can add it later.

This tomato sauce works great for winter soups of all kinds. Like chili and home made tomato soup. You could use it to put over a beef or pork roast to tenderize it. I have used it to tenderize pork spare ribs in the oven before putting them on the grill. It’s good to put over macaroni and cheese, baked in the oven. This mixture is a wonderful staple to have on hand to make meals with. To use for a spaghetti sauce, you would want to add tomatoe paste to thicken it when you go to make spaghetti.

A full pantry of this sauce will keep you in soup all winter.

A Happy Housewife

For dinner, I am making beef and noodles. I just fry about a pound of hamburger, drain it, and then I will add water. After the water boils with the meat in it, I will drop in home made noodles. When they are done, I will add a can of mixed vegetables and a can of mushroom soup. It should be like a casserole, so you may want to drain some broth off before you add the undiluted soup. Then, just add the spices and herbs. I am using my already spiced up hamburger I have written about before. I made bread yesterday, so we will have bread with our dinner this afternoon.

Yesterday, when I went grocery shopping, I bought chicken hind quarters for 19


I longed for the wisdom of God above everything else in this world. I have longed for her more than I have wanted anything else. You don’t know how many days I have mourned for her presence.

Lately, the Lord gave me a picture of a wife alone in her cabin. In her cabin was a grape vine and it overshadowed her, and she clung to it. She wept upon it. Then I saw her in her grape arbor, and she prayed in secret in the vineyard.

Yesterday, the Lord gave me the interpretation of this. He said that this mother was clinging to the true vine, which is Christ Jesus. She clings to Him alone in her home and on her land. She clings to Him in the darkness, and she desires no other voice but His voice.

Proverbs 31 “With the fruit of her hands she plants a vineyard.”

Now, I don’t know if this woman is me the Lord was showing me. But this woman longed for nothing as much as she longed for Christ, the true vine. And I have longed after the spirit of wisdom. I have longed to be the virtuous woman, but I have felt so bad that I was not her. The deepest cry of my heart has not been for a child, but that I would be the virtuous woman.

I have had visions of myself with my face down to the ground and my mouth in the dirt calling deep unto deep. I have called the wisdom of God into my mouth and that I would swallow wisdom and be able to write it down. Because I know it to set the captive free. It is the freedom you women are looking for. I long to give it to you. And, yet, I have not had it myself. Sometimes I have it for a few days, or for a few fleeting moments.

But, today, the Lord explained it to me that I have it, all the time. I don’t have to keep seeking her as silver and gold … she is here and I have her now. And this revelation has set me free.

I am the virtuous woman and my price is far above rubies. I am not her because I am good. But I am her because the Lord is in me. And, of course, now I long for you to receive her, too. I mean you couldn’t get me to sell this experience that I just had for all the money in the world. Jesus just gave me the Lotto.

Many times after Jim would go to work, I would be here alone. I would clean the house and do this to invite the wisdom of God. I would think that the Holy Spirit wouldn’t come to my house as I was not good enough. I would invite wisdom again and again, and the wisdom would somehow come. And, yet, it would leave and I would say, “Lord, how do I keep the wisdom of God with me all the time?”

And now the Lord has shown me that she is here with me all the time. I don’t have to cry after her like an abandoned child. I am like Sarah and Mary and Ruth and Esther. I don’t have to beg the Lord to make me like Elizabeth. Because Christ was in her as He is in me. Sarah is my mother of faith. I am like her. I don’t have to beg the Lord anymore to make me like her.

I feel so satisfied in my heart. The Lord has shown me volumes of Wisdom that I will write some day. Wisdom is the helper to Jesus Christ within us. She can be with us all the time to teach us to build our homes, as wise and holy wives and mothers.

Baking and Cooking

I am so happy that its been cooler. Yesterday, I bought several sacks of flour and some fresh baking powder. It was so hot here, I really wondered about how fresh the flour I have is now. For the most part, I had kept it in the refrigerator, but would often leave it out. Anyway, I want to make the big biscuit mix from Maggie’s recipes today.

Also, I had gotten a big package of hamburger on sale at the store and I want to cook that up today, and then put it in little sandwich bags to use for individual meals. Actually, it is ground round, and there is about 10 pounds of it. I will just put it in a big roasting pan and bake it — it’s too much to put in a skilllet. I had gotten the meat on sale for 69

The Virtuous Woman

Dear Mothers,

Ya know, in my writing lately, I guess I am trying to show you Sarah and her faith, and so many of our mothers of faith in the word of God. So often, we only hear the faith message from the BLAB IT GRAB IT group, or the name it claim it. And that teaching has a lot of truth. But Sarah, with her meek and quiet spirit, wouldn’t have been standing up boldly confessing the positive out in the gates. Sarah lived in quiet submission to her husband. She was a holy woman and she carried her faith in her heart. When sold into a harem, she went quietly trusting in the Lord.

Faith is often quiet and doesn’t need to be explained. I don’t think Sarah stood up to the king and began quoting the scriptures and claiming her ddeliverance. No, she was quiet because she knew she had a calling from God and that the King could not touch her body because she was a holy woman with a purpose. Ruth waited silently at the feet of Boaz as her mother-in-law Naomi had told her to do. Mary pondered things in her heart … she didn’t announce that she would be the mother of Jesus. So these women had a quiet faith, but they had REAL faith. They had the name it claim it faith but they didn’t tell everyone, except for other women of faith. They were women of virtue and courage … they were submissive to their husbands. They learned in silence and subjection. They did not stand up and take authority in the temple, because they had authority in a spiritual temple, and yet they told no one.

These women were powerful for God, and the Lord published their words even unto this day. They never published themselves. Holy men of God published these women … they adored her and and exalted these women as virtuous holy women. And as examples to other women.

The Bible says that through faith Sarah received strength to conceive a seed. At first, Sarah laughed at the thought, so she had some things to hash out with the Lord just like we do. But women like her and Mary, Ruth and Esther were dreamers and visionaries. They were silent in the church meetings and yet God gave them great authority in the Holy Spirit, and in the spiritual temples.

These mothers of faith were not like a flock of screeching crows that demanded their place in the church meetings. These women knew, had it not been for their place as child bearers, there would be no church meetings. Oh, let’s give honor where honor is due. These women of God were the foundation of the spiritual church. And, by gum, they knew it whether anyone else did or not. And to this day, the Lord is putting them up as our examples.

Let us honor and respect the true mothers of faith as Christ did in His word.


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