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Just a Visit

Yesterday, we got the leftover fruits and vegetables at the store. Oh, what a riot! I got grapes and strawberries and many other things. This is produce that the store is throwing out after going through it for the day. It’s free. Of course, a lot of it is good stuff, and about a fourth is not usable at all and it goes on my garden compost. But it is all nicely separated into boxes.

But, anyway, when ya get home with it, you have to work like a dog to get it all how ya want it. I have a big bucket that I just pitch things into that aren’t good at all.

I ended up with a big box of really nice lettuce, among other things. Well, I can eat lettuce with the best of ’em, but not 24 heads in a week, so I gave lettuce to all the neighbors.

I got a box of nice tomatoes and quite a few green and red peppers. Some of the tomatoes had soft spots, so I had to cut them up and get the rotten parts off. I cut them all up except a few and put them in a huge bowl with green and red pepper slices, and then I put in some of my own onions I had here. I will just use these as I go for cooking.

Then I got some necturines that were hard, so I washed them up and put them in the oven with a bit of water. They were good eaten just whole.

The strawberries, I cut up and put sugar on them, and we had them for dessert yeterday for lunch.

I got quite a few apples and some grapefruit, and a lot of pears that need to be worked through today. I think I will cut them up and stew them and, probably, freeze them in containers. None of this stuff is ever canned. I just think it isn’t fresh enough to can. I do can things from my garden fresh.

But, also, I got carrots and celery, a few cucumbers. Carrots will last forever in the refrigerator, and we eat a lot of carrots.

Also, a few days ago, our store had hamburger on sale for a buck a pound, so I bought alot of that. Also, I had bought some really hot sausage, and I mixed that with some hamburger to use for sausage. I froze that.

So I will have groceries stored away for a while. I need potatoes, and I am praying for the Lord to show me a buy on them. He will.

Well, I had better get goin’ and get back at it, and get Mary going for school.

He Knows the Way Home

He puts a bit in our mouths and we move by the tug
of the Masters hand.

We want to run wildly
and fear wants to burn us up.
But God knows the way home.
Joy and happiness come as we let Him guide us.

We become joyful mothers in the midst of many trials.
The Lord guides us
over the rocky cliffs
and through the valley of the shadow of death
and yet
we fear no evil
for he is with us.
The ONE who guides us knows the way home.

We want to scream
as we feel we will fall off the cliff
and Baby its a looong way down.
But, no, we trust the rider.

We trust the tugs in our hearts that say
“Get wisdom …
exalt her and she will promote thee…
EVERY wise woman builds her house…
and the foolish woman tears it down.”

So we bridle ourselves with the word
and we take up our cooking tools
in confidence
knowing that our kneading bowls are blessed
and our wombs are fruitful and blessed.

And we become fruitful vines
and our children are as olive plants around about our tables.
The rule of kindness is upon our lips
and we are not afraid of the future.

For we are virtuous women
strong in moral charachter.
Powerful women of virtue and digntiy.

We safely trust in the Lord.

We do not fear what man may do to us.

We continue on in unbroken gallops
as the Master of our souls
leads us to the still waters.

We rest along the banks of the river
that never runs dry.

We have made it.

We are almost home
and the master shares with us His secrets
because we refused to fear
in the valley of the shadow of death.

And here we rest by the living waters
and listen to His voice alone.
And he calls us His daughters
because we obeyed Him
and stayed loyal and faithful to Him
in the dark places.

Seeking Wisdom as Gold

This morning as I awoke, I prayed, “Oh Lord, please give me wisdom. A wise woman builds her house.” My place here is to continue to build a home. My price as I walk in wisdom is far above rubies. Oh, the wisdom of God is so powerful.

Proverbs 4:7 Wisdom is the principal thing.

Proverbs 4:8 Exalt her and she will promote thee. She will bring thee to honor when thou dost embrace her.

Call Wisdom your sister and understanding your kinswoman. We call wisdom forth as we do our duties as keepers at home. We don’t get more riches into our homes by going out to work because that is disobedience to God and rebellion. We get more riches into our house as we are obedient to God as keepers at home. You don’t have to run over the top of God’s head in order to get riches to feed your family. Well, sure, some mothers have to work for a while. But the Lord will deliver them if they walk in wisdom.

The lie is that women who don’t work and are stay at home mothers don’t make any income. But there is profit in all labor. I make a lot of money just staying home praying because, as I walk out my place of obedience, the Lord gvies me money if I need it.

Now, to go to a shopping mall is down right hard labor for me. I would pay my mother twenty bucks if she wouldn’t ask me to go. I go with her because she is elderly and needs my company sometimes. But a shopping mall is a hard place to seek the Lord or to pray silently. And, in my heart, I am always needing the Lord. A shopping mall leaves me bare before my enemies. Satan shoots darts at me and I have no defense. I feel like I am alone in an enemy camp. I feel no cushion of the Holy Spirit.

And then I have my dear mother saying, “Well, what’s the matter? Why dont you like to shop here?” And how do I pipe it to her how I feel? My heart burns to know wisdom and no wisdom exists at a shopping mall. Well, maybe it is in there some place … wisdom is everywhere and she cries from the city streets as well as the country roads. But I can’t find her there. And if I can’t find her quickly there, then I feel lost and without my spiritual shield. I can’t wait to get back home to where my canning jars and my homemaking tools are.

My Mary Elizabeth is so full of homemaking, too. She loves the old fashioned homemaking.

I adore my old black iron skillets and dutch ovens. Lynetta just recently gave me another dutch oven with a bale handle. It’s really old. I think I have used that thing every day since she gave it to me a few weeks ago.

Oh, sure, when I was a young wife, I wanted NEW this and that all the time. But, thru the lord and chasing wisdom, I learned to put the wisdom of the Lord first, and she has become more to me than material things. Wisdom is my sister. I call her my sister. This world is not my kinswoman. Uunderstanding is.

I cry as I write about wisdom. She is my example. We must think on the things of God. On pie making and rolling pins. On cookie sheets and our ovens and cooking tools. Our gardens and our dresses and aprons. This is keeping your eyes upon the Lord and His word.

We wives should not be thinking about household finances. We carry it as a burden because it is light. Because it is not our burden to bear. It is our husband’s burden to bear, and this makes a man out of him, so let him have the burden. Drop it and take up your own burden that of keeper at home.

Hey ladies, I know what I am writing about. I have been through it, have the scars to prove it. Papa, before he got saved, did not support us. He learned how to be a man and a bread winner because I dropped it in his lap and refused to pick it up again. The day I handed the check book over to him and gave up my bondage over it was a hard day for me. But I did it by faith. We have to drop kick some of this bondage in our lives if we expect to be anything for God.

I have always built my nest on a branch over rushing waters. But I have kept a home and maintained my walk as the virtuous woman. And we are the King’s Daughters. We are all glorious within.

See, I don’t judge myself by how much money I have or the clothes I wear. I am the King’s Daughter on the inside. No one can take my dignity with the Lord.

I was brought up in an upper middle class family. I had already all that glitters. And I don’t live poor because I have to. I live poor because I have chosen to. I am not a slave to poverty. Because I know in my heart that if I really wanted the money, I am smart enough to go out and get a job and make some. But I have chosen to be poor and wise. And, as I attain more wisdom, I always attain more finances.

Like Solomon, I have asked for wisdom above all else. I am not saying this to brag, but to teach you the word by example.

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