Saturday, February 24, 2018

Makin’ Bread

Often, when I am checking my inner man, I will, of course, check to make sure I am walking under the authority of my husband. Another way I will check it out is this. I ask myself the question, “Have I made bread lately? Or do I WANT to make bread? If not why not?”

To me, it is a very spiritual thing to make a loaf of bread. I have tried making it when I have been in a hurry, or if I am full of contention toward Jim … it never turns out. So whatever, in any given day, that is keeping me from making bread for my family, I will cut it out. Often, I can’t make bread because I am worried or whatever. Well, I have to give it all to the Lord so I can be free to yield my hands to righteousness.

I think the bread we make for our families is very important. It’s the body or the substance of the meal. This bread should come from the godly mother who lives there. It’s a shame all the mixes we all bring home from the world … all the worldliness we pump into our families. A lot of women say, “Well, I can’t afford all of those expensive organic foods to cook from scratch.” Well, I think the Lord knows that, so I just buy as many good things as I can and I bake with what I have brought home from the store. I use mainly white flour for my bread with about a cup of whole wheat. I have tried to use all whole wheat and no one ate it. So I make my bread with what I have and the way my husband likes it. We pray over all of our food, so to me, it is blessed and it will be healthy for us. I don’t get into all this worry about vitamins. I figure if I just stay away from the world and all their mixes, I am cooking in a healthy way.

I cook and bake with eggs from the store, and flour and white sugar and brown. Yesterday, I made my bread rolls with lard. But I don’t look at what I put into my bread; I look more at the spirit within me that makes the bread. The old-time mothers used to say that if your bread didn’t turn out, it was because you didn’t love it enough. They didn’t blame it on the ingredients! Hello? And that’s true.

Don’t try to make bread for the family when you are mad at Papa or the kids … it won’t turn out. So I test my spirit. “Do I WANT to make bread? If not why not?” And whatever it is that is interfering has to go. Mixing up bread in a big bowl with a big wooden spoon would certainly cause the demon of feminism to run away. And BOY!!!!!! — was the devil mad the day I got the wringer washer out! Now, that slung some demon hash like you wouldnt have believed. WOW!!! I cant wait to do that again.

Now, if ya really want an experience, make bread and wash your laundry in the bath tub, if ya dont have a wringer washer. Do both the wash and the baking on the same day. That will blow the feminism out of ya. Now, do it cause ya wanna. Humble your heart and submit yourself to your role as keeper at home. I love my stove because the thermostat went out of it. So when I turn it on, it keeps heating up until it gets to about 500

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