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Makin’ Bread

Often, when I am checking my inner man, I will, of course, check to make sure I am walking under the authority of my husband. Another way I will check it out is this. I ask myself the question, “Have I made bread lately? Or do I WANT to make bread? If not why not?”

To me, it is a very spiritual thing to make a loaf of bread. I have tried making it when I have been in a hurry, or if I am full of contention toward Jim … it never turns out. So whatever, in any given day, that is keeping me from making bread for my family, I will cut it out. Often, I can’t make bread because I am worried or whatever. Well, I have to give it all to the Lord so I can be free to yield my hands to righteousness.

I think the bread we make for our families is very important. It’s the body or the substance of the meal. This bread should come from the godly mother who lives there. It’s a shame all the mixes we all bring home from the world … all the worldliness we pump into our families. A lot of women say, “Well, I can’t afford all of those expensive organic foods to cook from scratch.” Well, I think the Lord knows that, so I just buy as many good things as I can and I bake with what I have brought home from the store. I use mainly white flour for my bread with about a cup of whole wheat. I have tried to use all whole wheat and no one ate it. So I make my bread with what I have and the way my husband likes it. We pray over all of our food, so to me, it is blessed and it will be healthy for us. I don’t get into all this worry about vitamins. I figure if I just stay away from the world and all their mixes, I am cooking in a healthy way.

I cook and bake with eggs from the store, and flour and white sugar and brown. Yesterday, I made my bread rolls with lard. But I don’t look at what I put into my bread; I look more at the spirit within me that makes the bread. The old-time mothers used to say that if your bread didn’t turn out, it was because you didn’t love it enough. They didn’t blame it on the ingredients! Hello? And that’s true.

Don’t try to make bread for the family when you are mad at Papa or the kids … it won’t turn out. So I test my spirit. “Do I WANT to make bread? If not why not?” And whatever it is that is interfering has to go. Mixing up bread in a big bowl with a big wooden spoon would certainly cause the demon of feminism to run away. And BOY!!!!!! — was the devil mad the day I got the wringer washer out! Now, that slung some demon hash like you wouldnt have believed. WOW!!! I cant wait to do that again.

Now, if ya really want an experience, make bread and wash your laundry in the bath tub, if ya dont have a wringer washer. Do both the wash and the baking on the same day. That will blow the feminism out of ya. Now, do it cause ya wanna. Humble your heart and submit yourself to your role as keeper at home. I love my stove because the thermostat went out of it. So when I turn it on, it keeps heating up until it gets to about 500

Fountains of Joy

You need to hit into homemaking about a thousand miles an hour to break the neck of feminism in your life, because she is a killer and she is tearing you and your family apart. That’s what she does. (Read Proverbs.) And if your house is falling in, then she is there. Kick her outta there, not with your words only, but with your heart, with your voice as you speak from the inner court. Tell God you will do anything to get her out of there and listen for His voice on this.

Some of you women, if I could pipe this to you and if you would really go for it, I would hear a BOOM that would rock the world. What I am writing about I have seen work, and I have also seen what happens when a prophetess of God gets this truth and then walks away from it. I am thinking this evening, too, of that woman who wrote “A Gentle Spirit”. That type of woman can go either way. I would be like her if I backslid.

But I am telling you mothers and wives who are having problems at home, faith is the victory that overcame the world. The Bible says that the wife has power over her husband’s body. You can speak to those mountains in your lives and cast them down. Satan doesn’t need to run your life. But there is power in your homemaking and wisdom.

The Lord is wanting me to really narrow this all down. Your covering is your homes, in and under your husbands. Ok?

Here’s how to keep your mind on the word concerning Keepers at Home. When you get up tomorrow morning, put your mind on baking a pie for your family. That is keeping the word in front of your eyes.

When you want to think about your unsaved husband, say, “NO, devil, I am a keeper of my home. You will not have my mind. I am going to cook and bake and kiss my husband and kids until I go to bed tonight.” And then yield your hands to kneading bread and scrubbing the floors.

Say in your heart or out loud, “I am the virtuous woman and my price is far above rubies.”… or …

“My husband sits in the gates with the elders” … or …

“All of my children are taught of the Lord and great is their peace.”

And take your body and turn it around to walk in Godliness and LIFE and JOY. Put the word as a bit in your mouth concerning Keepers at Home.

Baking Bread

How do I make bread? Well, that’s a loaded question.

For two loaves of bread, I dissolve two packages of yeast in about a half cup of water with some sugar in it, just a little to make the yeast bubble. And if it doesn’t bubble within a half hour, then your water isn’t hot enough or it’s too hot, or the yeast is old. Your water should be just a tad hotter than spit. And remember … Happy hearts make happy bubbly yeast.

Basically, I start out with two cups of liquid. That could be water, milk, juice or a bit of all three.

Then I put in shortening or margarine or lard, melted, about a half a cup. Then some sugar, about a cup. And some salt, about one teaspoon.

Then mix in some flour until the batter is about like pancake batter or cake batter.

At this point, add some eggs … oh, maybe one or two or three, whatever.

Then add the yeast mixture. But make sure your batter isn’t hot from the melted lard as you will kill your Happy yeast. Remember, Happy yeast always needs a warm home — not hot or cold.

Well, just keep adding flour, but be careful to not add too much at once. When ya can’t stir it anymore, take it out of your bowl and knead it on a floury surface. Knead it until it is satiny smooth like a babies behind.

Then put it in a greased bowl and cover it with a cloth, and let it rise in a warm place — don’t forget — away from drafts. Let it rise, and then take it out and shape it into loaves and put it in greased bread pans. Let it rise again and bake it at about 375 degrees.

After it is baked, take a cloth and cover it and this will make the crust stay soft. Also, I always butter the top, too.

But, hey, this recipe should be called Hillbilly Bread. I don’t make bread from a recipe.

Wringer Washer

Yesterday, I used my wringer washer. It was a nice warm sunny day. I used my lye soap and hung my clothes on the line. Jim’s tee shirts got as white as the snow without even using bleach on them. The warm wind made my clothes feel like they had been in a dryer.

With a wringer washer, you can get a lot done in a short time. I use the same wash water for at least 3 loads. First, I did the white clothes … underwear, sheets and towels. Then, I had a lot of dark clothes, so I did them. Then, at the end, I did my dog’s Mickey Mouse blanket and a couple old throw rugs. I wouldn’t put the dog blanket in my regular automatic washer.

At the end, I had to drain the water out in buckets. I took it out to the front and watered my 2 new baby magnolia trees. Well, the one magnolia is about 3 yrs old and the other one is almost a year. They are about in full bloom. Also, I cleaned off the sidewalk and let the water go to the plants on the sides.

Before I began my wash yesterday morning, I made what I call a wash day soup. This way, the soup’s on the stove and I can devote myself to doing the wash and hanging out the clothes. It’s really a lot of work, but I love it. I enjoy the rhythm of it … one chore leading to the other and all of it flowing together. I enjoy the water splashing all over the kitchen from the wringer. I clean the kitchen as the loads are washing. I use my kitchen sink as a rinse tub.

The best part of the whole thing is braggin’ about it to Papa when he gets home from work. “Well, Papa, did you notice how cute the yard looks? I emptied ALLLLL THE WASH WATER on the sidewalk and on the plants in buckets!” He must have felt sorry for me, as he took all the clothes off the line after supper. Of course, Papa’s ending statement to Dan at the end of the day sort of took the edge off the thrill. Papa said to Dan, “Dan, you should appreciate it that your Mom did all of your wash for ya, and all on that dumb wringer washer.” Welll, Dan is supposed to be doing his own wash and he didnt, so it got backed up.

But such is the life of a housewife. I enjoyed my day on my “dumb” wringer washer (using Papas words). To me, it ain’t dumb, but good and normal and wholesome … and I loved every minute of it.


We know for sure I am not going to get deeper on this unless the Holy Spirit comes on me to write. Well, how do we call the Holy Spirit to help us on any truth? It is through the word of God. As I have studied this out in the word, this is what I see concerning homemaking.

Every wise woman — key word “every” wise woman builds her home. Also in the word, any mother with children who had a husband was called as a keeper at home. There were no women in the word on birth control, and there were no lady preachers. No women in the word left their homes to build on another man’s kingdom. If they worked, it was in the home to build up their own husbands’ homes.

When the lady of Proverbs sold her fine linen, she made it at home and then sold it to the merchants. She didn’t leave the home and go to someone’s place of business, and get under a man or woman and become a slave to them. She was in the home. She made enough linen for her family, and then she sold what her family couldn’t use.

But mother had a purpose, as she does today. I think confusion, a lot of times, comes in for the women of today in setting their priorities in their homemaking. The husband and father is to be honored by the mother and children. This is a key, right here. Everything the mother does should reverence the husband. If she isn’t reverencing her husband, she will be confused and disorganized. As she honors her husband, she calls her children to honor him, too. And when the husband sees that the wife is making the children honor Daddy, he will teach the children to honor Mother. And, of course, as you honor your husband in front of the children, you are teaching them to honor God.

We always teach with our hearts, mothers. Always with out hearts. If we don’t do it, the kids won’t, either.

So, in our homemaking, we need to put our schedules around the Daddy’s work schedule. When Papa is due to come home from work, Mary knows the house has to be clean. Often, she will say “Well, Mom, I will vacumn later” and I continually say “No, Mary, Dad will be home and things HAVE to be done before he gets here.” This is how I continually show Mary the line of authority and how she is to honor God.

And when planning meals, I usually, for a family meal, fix what everyone likes. But often, the teenagers want green beans for every meal for a vegetable. So, often, I will say “I fixed Dad beets because he likes them.” And they know they can eat raw carrots or a salad. But they know that I put Jim first, and in this way, I teach them to honor Papa. And Jim would gladly eat green beans for every meal, but I know he doesn’t like them. So I fix him what he likes often.

And, see, Jim doesn’t think it’s respectful for me to fix casseroles for every meal, or soups or salads. He just wasn’t brought up like that. I know, I know all the teaching out there says you gotta cook healthy. But a lot of women give their husbands heart attacks from arguing with them and making them eat dried beans for every meal. Arguing with your husband every day and trying to mold him into a health nut is just terrible. And it’s so accepted among the back-to-the-landers. Well, it causes more harm than good. It’s a wicked thing in the Christian homes of today. It causes some men to lose their minds, altogether.

My Jim knows he is king of his castle. He has his own chair that he smokes and watches tv in. Well, he comes home after work and can’t wait to see his wife. That’s a Good thing.

For three days out of the week, Jim has to be at work in the morning, and then for two days, he goes to work in the afternoon. But, like this morning, this was my homemaking schedule. I get up, always, before Jim. I get in and out of the bathroom and out of his way before he gets up, so that he can feel free to shave and get cleaned up for work. Then, while he is in the bathroom, I start picking the house up. I take care of the dog and cat, feed them and let them out. I clean up the table from last night’s snacks and light a candle on the table.

Now, I am up most of the time hours and hours before Papa, because I write in the mornings, so I have plenty of time. But, basically, I did all this when the children were all home too, but to a lesser degree. But I always shot for this. Now, I have more time to do it.

Papa never left for work while I was laying in bed. I mean, unless I was sick. And I don’t ever remember being too sick to get up. This morning, as Papa left for work, I was laying on the couch … wasn’t feeling that well … but when Papa headed for the door, I made myself get up and kiss him good bye, good and proper. But my covenent marriage calls me to serve Jim as unto the Lord. I wouldn’t be laying on the couch if King Jesus entered the room, and Papa is as the Lord in my life.

I wouldn’t dare sit in Jim’s chair when he walks into the room. I always jump up and let him have his chair. “Now, Honey, you don’t have to jump up every time I enter the room,” Jim tells me. But I always have done that, for 35 years, come hell or high water. I try to sit there because he wants me to sometimes. But I get so uncomfortable, it is a burden to me, so I look for excuses to get back up. I call it the hot seat. I can’t sit there for long.

So, anyway, my day starts when Papa is in the bathroom shaving, and sometimes before. But my prayer time and writing comes in when the family is asleep. So my work really goes full speed ahead when Jim is getting cleaned up. Then, after he is up, I ask him if he wants breakfast. Sometimes he doesn’t. But, then, this morning he just sat in his chair and watched the weather report on tv. So I went about my household duties, and he talked to me as I went, and then I came in and laid down on the couch for a while and watched the news with him.

A man likes to have his wife in the room to comfort him and encourage him. Jim often feels lonley and needs me to sit with him. And we women need to learn the art of small talk and not use every opportunity to have a conversation to accuse our husbands, or talk business with them. A man needs his help mate to help him to do what he needs to do as a man. Sometimes, he just likes her to be quiet and sit in the same room with him.

But her homemaking should build around her times with her husband. Like, sometimes, Jim does the bills in the morning before he goes to work. He likes to write checks at the table, so this is why I always make sure the table is clean in the mornings and a candle on the table.

Well, I also fix Papa a nice lunch to take to work every day. So, as I make his lunch, I clean up and think of what I will fix for Mary’s and my lunch after school at noon.

Then after lunch and all, we rest in the afternoon. I have always rested when the children napped after lunch. That is so important, I think, because I really never asked Jim to get up in the night with the babies. I wanted him to get his rest because he had to go to work. And he never asked me to go to work, either.

So I know we need to be inspired concerning our homemaking, but we need a framework, because many times a woman is inspired to do the wrong things. And so, I think our framework for our inspirations has to always be the Lord and his word, and to be inspired in our homemaking, we have to have our husbands at the head of the home. So our homemaking should reflect our husband’s work schedules and his life.

But I think, maybe when Daddy is due to be home, just look at the clock and say “Oh look, kids, Daddy will be home soon. Let’s quick! pick up the toys and get ready for him.” I encourage you to just speak to the children all day about Daddy, and soon he will be home for supper, and you want the house to look nice when Daddy comes in the door. Or, what shall we have for Daddy’s supper?

My house, when the children were young, was picked up and that was about it. I always had one of the young ones vacumn just before Jim came in the door, and they ran over everything with the vacuum. The cat and dog always ran for higher ground. And, no, the kids didn’t clean perfectly, but I always thought a lick and a promise was good enough when the children were so little. I mean, even a 5 year old can run a vacumn.

My children would watch me and see that I was running about in expectation and so they would, too. But Papa knew that I was doing my best, and so he never expected everything to be perfect. To just have it half way picked up is fine. I would just try to give the children constructive things to do to help me clean because they would make messes otherwise.

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