Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Baby Dollies and Tea Sets

When our daughter Mary was a little three-year-old slip of a girl, we had tea parties just about every morning. I had her little table and chairs right out here in the dining room where I could watch her play. But I had gotten some little tea pots from garage sales. I would put warm water from the kitchen faucet in her teapot with a tea bag. Then I would put a wee sugar bowl on her table and a cream pitcher with a bit of milk in it. And I taught her to politely and slowly pour her tea. She never spilled it. Her older brothers by a few years would come up to her table and she would pour tea for them, too. But mostly it was just Mama and Mary for tea.

We made David and Dan, her brothers, be quiet when Mary’s baby dolls were taking an afternoon nap. The boys would tip toe around the house. But one day David, who was eight, said “Why are we having to be quiet for Marys old dolls?” Oh, I loved playing dolls with Mary. She would rock her dollie in her little rocking chair, and I had a dollie that I would rock in my big rocking chair.

In the afternoon, the boys would go out to play and Mary and I would stay inside and bake bread. Sometimes I would have her do the dishes, or we called it “playing in the water.” I didnt care if she got water all over the kitchen. When I went to wipe it up, I just sort of cleaned the floor while I was down there on the wet floor, anyway. I had a little rolling pin that I let Mary roll her cookies out with. She would get out ALL of my cookie cutters, so our cookies for Valentines day were not cut out hearts only. Often they were Christmas trees, stars and bells. And that was ok; they tasted the same and Mary was learning to bake like Mama.

When I went to the Salvation Army, I would look for cute little cups and baking pans and dishes that Mary could play with. Oh, she had a collection of little china tea sets. But they were too little to really work with. We just put them up on a shelf to look at and enjoy. I still have them out on a shelf in the living room.

As Mary got older, she accidently made a pie crust with bread flour. Oh, it was flakey and good. So that was Mary’s secret ingredient when she made a pie crust. She ended up being a much better pie maker than her Mama.

And Mary is 16 now and has wanted to marry Brandon ever since she was 14. Mary has a hope chest and loves gathering items to put in it. Papa and I trust Brandon, as he always brings Mary home when we ask him to, and he respects our wishes. As Papa and I go, Mary and Brandon go. There is a sweet harmony between us all.

But we must begin as “Daughters of a new Revolution” to raise our daughters to be homemakers. To love God and His word and to want to be mothers and keepers at home. I am such a little speck on the earth, but I am out here writing my heart out. Hopefully, I can see some turn around before I lay down for the last time.

Oh, sweet Mamas, take heart. There is a new day a comin’. A truth is being unleashed in the earth. The Father is calling His daughters home. He is making a place for the children. He calls first to the children of the light and second to the world. We mothers are the salt of the earth. Our homes are like cities of lights up on brilliantly lit mountains. The world will see us and say, “These daughters of God are strong. They are Daughters of a NEW Revolution.

No, Mothers, please don’t blame yourselves for the feminist hype you were born into. But see it as it is. See the truth and renew your minds with the word of God. Read Proverbs and Titus 2. And once you are set free, you can be used of God to set your husband free. See, your faith will beget faith to your husband’s mind and heart. Fill yourselves with homemaking. Your husbands will never learn domestication from anyone but you. He won’t learn it through the church or from another man. He will learn it through your good works as a homemaker. As you walk with God and become the silent example, your husband will pick up on it.

Go to the library and get as many cookbooks as you can haul home. And sit and read them and spend time with them. Read the Little House on the Praire series to your children. The home making spirit is so strong on those books.

There are good newsletters out there like “Common Sense at Home” from Cindy Miller on our list. She will teach you to be a stay at home mom, if anyone could, with her little newsletter. Also Peggy on our list has a good group called “Lives of Simplicity.” And the Above Rubies group, too, is good. And Patsy on our list has a newsletter … it’s good, too.

Get out from under the unholy coverings and get hooked up with mothers who believe that the mother’s place is in the home.

“Above Rubies” has a magazine and my testimony was in it in the number 53 issue. If ya wanna hear how to come up the hard way, read that.

But, well, I gotta go. Papa said to wake him up at 8:00 and he will take me to the store.

Now after you read this, go fry some hamburger … put some onions in it. After it is done, put some raw vegetables in it, and bake it with some soup diluted over the top. Just a suggestion to some of you who are just learning to cook. This way, you will have your family meal started and then you can do the dishes, and then vacuum. And don’t worry, the Lord understands and He is with you. Just put 15 minutes a day into your messy bedroom and it will be clean by the end of the week.

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