Saturday, February 24, 2018

The Calling

Dear Mothers,

This writing I am about to get into certainly won’t be for all you ladies. But if the shoe fits wear it.

In the past few days I have poured my heart out to the Lord and written much on paper. I just had to get alone and write and let the Lord figure me out. Now to try to explain it to you. Well, you know I write to the stay at home mom. I am just warning you.

Home making, we think that is something ya do when ya get to it? No, it is a powerful weapon.

There is an evil spirit out there waiting on us. It is the Jezebel spirit — feminism.

Like many of you I get all nice and meek and quiet. Then one of the teenagers does something and I go right out of my place as keeper at home. I get mad at them and then at Jim and then at God. I go from one of my six kids to the next and, if one does something wrong, I shadow the evil over every one of them. God says to me, “Connie, look at your own self. Are you in God? Are the scriptures on keepers at home over the top of you? Are you obeying God?”

Sometimes our enemies are those of our own households? The devil knows he can use them because we love them … they are our heart’s desire. I am nothing if my kids don’t turn out right … right? Well, dear heart, God isn’t done with them yet. They are just half baked.

But God spoke to me a lot lately about “Connie, what is in your heart?” The Lord showed me that, of course, the battle is in the mind. We allow ourselves to go from the virtuous woman to the Jezebel. It’s because we don’t realize the power of the virtuous woman.


If I could write that sentence in bright red, I would.

The virtuous woman is the most powerful woman in the world. She is a woman who has received her calling and she protects her calling with all she has within her. She is like Mary who received a holy seed and, for the rest of her life, she protects it. This has to be our calling, to protect the virtuous woman within us. Because God has a holy calling for us. And the woman who can hold and not abort her seed will produce miracles in His name.

Mary held her seed and protected it. What would have happened if she had folded in the face of the persecution? She was a holy virgin and yet she was so lied about and called a whore.

We are persecuted, too. I am sure some think I am a terrible mother. And yet, all I have ever done is to train my children for God and suffer for them. But I must look at my own heart. Satan wants us to give in and up. But we must hold our sacred seed of truth within our hearts. As we are holy, our children will be holy. But if we give up, they will, too. And Satan will have them.

How do we maintain the meek and quiet spirit within us? By staging an all out war against the enemy Jezebel. So far, we have picked at her a little. Some of you have even invited her into your house. Well, she isn’t your friend, Darlin’. She is eating you alive.

We are safe only one place as married mothers at home … under the scriptures of Keepers at Home. We think we can play with the scriptures because the feminists are dancing naked in the streets. But they have no place in us. They are not the example to be bounced off of. They have no place in us.

We are as Marys and have been called of God. To protect a holy seed.


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