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We don’t do faith things and then shut off our faith to do our homemaking. Not all homemaking is spiritual, but a lot of it is.

The Bible says to yield our members to righteousness. So If you are praying in faith for the Lord to restore your family? You must then yield your body to the answer to your prayers. You must begin building up your home and preparing your home for a miracle. Learn to make your husband’s favorite foods. Prepare your whole household to receive the answer to your prayers.

I used to read to the children when they were young out of the Uncle Arthur devotions for children. The stories often were about walking out your faith. A family was without food, but the mother was full of faith. She did as much as she could with the food she had. But one day they had no food. She didn’t lose faith and she just set the table by faith and expected a miracle. Well, they were miles from town and they only went to get their mail about once a month. They sent their son to walk the miles to the post office. Well, in the mail was some money that was owed to the father for some work he had done and not been paid for. The Lord had spoken to this man to pay his bill that he owed to this father in the story.

And there are a lot of true stories like that. I have read many about the women during the Depression. Now those were hard times!!!! I really feel that it was the women, mainly, that won that war of poverty. Had those mothers not made a home in the midst of such an economic storm, where would anyone have rested their souls? The mothers worked hard on their gardens and sewed the clothes for their children. Some made homes in chicken coops. They just took what they had and went by faith. The saying when I was a girl was always, “A man builds a house but a mother makes a home.”

When I was with the family on Sunday, Mom was talking about the Depression. She was saying that when her folks went to buy a farm, they didn’t look at the house … they looked at the land. They made their living from the land. They were farmers. The house — whatever it was — was up to the mother to make a home out of it. I have seen pictures in old books where the mother wallpapered her house with newspaper. This kept the wind from coming in. Many children learned to read by reading the wallpaper.

I read about a woman that had a garden that had dried up during the drought. Well, weeds will always grow. So she canned lambs quarters, which is what we would call a weed. But she kept her family going. How much faith does that take, to not give up or lay down and, instead, can lambs quarters? I mean, that just makes me ache in my spirit. It makes me want to cry out in intercession for the faith to not give up. Where was this woman at in her faith, just before it came to her to can weeds to keep her family in food for the winter?

Well, we mothers in this age … ooooooh, we face things like that. Just a few of the details have changed. We don’t fight such a war on poverty as we fight a demonic spiritual war. The women during the Depression did have the example of the older Titus woman. These women, I think, had more of an understanding of their job as homemaker and mother.

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