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Love Slaves

Dear Housewives,

Oh, glory to God! I have a vision in my heart to share. This morning, as Jim and Dan went off to work and I told them “Good-bye, I love you,” the door shut and a vision came.

I saw the daughters of Israel dancing before the Lord. They had head coverings and long skirts and aprons and bare feet. They were dancing before the Lord with all of their might. They were casting out idols and the gods of feminism. They were celebrating womanhood and motherhood and wifehood. They were declaring to satan, “You no longer have us bound in chains of oppression. We are women … child bearers … true women made for true men of God. We are women and glad to have a man to want us and love us. We love our own husbands and submit as wise servants of Christ.

I see women who will wear aprons just to make the enemy mad. They will get up in the morning and run to put on an apron. Some will make aprons as a cottage business, and many women of God will buy them and learn to make their own.

Oh, revival is coming to the house of God! Daughters of a new Revolution.

Women with mighty men of courage to cover them and wives who will submit to Christ and to the leading of their husbands.

Women who would be ashamed to say, “My husband is not a man of God.”

Women ashamed to say, “I am barren.” These women are prayer warriors … that pray as if their lives depend on it … because it does.

Women who would be ashamed to say, “I work outside the home because I hate my job as a homemaker.”

Women who take off their shoes and throw them in the air as a symbol of liberation. These women declare. “I’m not going anywhere … my work is here and no one — not satan or all the demons in hell — can make me leave or turn tail and run. I have been redeemed. I am a woman … a keeper at home, and no demon in hell is gonna move me off the path God has chosen for me to walk.”

So now, what will we do with all these women who claim the Lord in their three piece black suits and brief cases? These women are the slaves among us. We need to rescue them and help them back to reality. Their husbands sneer at them behind their backs, and dishonor them in their hearts. These poor female slaves will never give birth or use their breasts for much more than playthings of men who cheapen them. Lazy men send these women off to work and to bring home the money … all the time telling them that they are worth more than a housewife. These men keep their wives barren so that she can earn more money … and when she is old they find a new model, and she is left without children to comfort her in her old age.

Who is the slave here to man? These women have bought a lie that says, “Unless I ignore my female self I can’t express myself.” In other words, they are saying, “I am an inferior human being because I have breasts and a womb. I am not worth anything because I was born a woman. I must ignore my female side in order to become somebody.” These poor women followed the crowd and bought a lie … a lie of death … the death of their own children. All for the desire to have wealth here on earth. They have missed the treasures of heaven. Women who submit to many men, because they choose not to submit to one man — their husbands.

I am not saying hateful things to feminists. I love them. My heart breaks for them. I had a dear friend who was one. She had bought the lie. She was very submissive to her husband but wanted to work. Her husband expected her to keep the house clean and work, too. Also to do errands after she got off work — take back library books and look for new ones, run after prescriptions, pay bills, etc. She went to work before the sun was up and got home when the sun went down. She and her husband had discussed her staying home and being a full time homemaker. It almost happened, too. Then she got laid off from her job. She drew unemployment. All day long, she talked on the phone watched TV and gained weight. So did her husband think she should do this full time? Of course not. So he insisted that she work and she wanted to work.

As time went on, she got clearer and clearer on the truth of this whole deal and again decided she wanted to stay home. Her husband was more stubborn than ever about it. So she tried to work at her outside job and be a full time homemaker at the same time. She made homemade pies every week … his favorite … and homemade noodles and you name it. This woman certainly went the extra mile and then some. I knew her very personally, and I know she gave it her best shot. I hate to say what happened in the end. She never succeeded — let’s put it that way. I don’t blame her or her husband. Feminism is out there and it has many slaves.

We women of God who are to teach by our Godly behavior are sorely teaching our men the wrong message, and we are reaping strongholds of misery. But these strongholds can be broken … are being broken. The truth sets the captive free.

I really feel like a pansy. Some of you ladies are catching this quicker than I am. Many of you young women see through feminism as it has clearly hurt your lives, as you are the product of mothers who were feminists. I was brought up in the 1950s and it was just starting then.

But, as I have said before, when the church world gets away from the family as being the main structure of Christendom, then deception comes in and every evil work. Jesus is our Savior and our Priest and we must know Him as Savior to enter eternal life. But how do we walk afterwards? The Bible is clear that we are to walk in family order.

The only teaching a woman is commanded in the word to teach is the teachings on the home structure, or to teach children. Titus 2:3 says that the older women should live holy lives and sound in faith. Verse 4 says so that they can teach the young women to be sober and to love their husbands and their children. Verse 5, to be discreet, chaste keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands … that the word be not blasphemed.

Well, the word of God has been blasphemed in Christendom. Women who have not claimed to know Christ are not at fault. No, I don’t blame them. It is the fault of the women of God who have the Lord Jesus Christ. The women at church are on birth control. If the salt of the earth is on birth control and has no respect for human life, then why wouldn’t the unbelievers get abortions? Babies are being murdered and sold for body parts … not just a few … one point five million a year. Hello? What if Mary had been on birth control?

Feminism teaches us that our wombs are useless and easily removed … and that the fruit of our wombs is useless, too. Here we are, the descendents of Abraham and our mother of faith is Sarah. Here we are, women of God who are to carry a godly seed and raise children for Christ. We are promised as our Godly heritage Land, Seed and Blessing. We don’t want the Land. We kill the godly Seed. And we think the Blessing is to kill the godly Seed and money means we are prosperous.

If a preacher stood up and preached against feminism he would lose half his money because all the women would quit their jobs and go home and have babies. You Christian feminists have been scammed good. You are killing your own family … eating your own flesh. You have sacrificed your children on the alter of the God of money and pride and vanity. You have sold your life for a new car.

Please cast down this god of money. Ask the Lord to forgive you this day. Stomp out this idol in your home, in Jesus’ name.

You say, “Well, I need to keep my job to pay for health insurance.” In other words, you need to stay in Egypt because you are afraid to leave. Cast down that idol of fear and get your dancin’ shoes on and shout “Glory!” Go back to the Land and eat from the land and use herbs for medicine. Cast down vain imaginations and everything that exalts itself above God. Did Mary and Elizabeth or Hannah go get ahold of the world when they got sick … or their families? Cast that idol out in Jesus’ name.

And aren’t you ladies sick of being hoodwinked? By boy preachers that care more for their comfort than your life? And your babies’ lives? He preaches how to get rich in this present world. Give your money to him and the Lord will bless you and make you rich. I don t know about you all, but I am more than ready to be poor if that’s what it takes.

Years ago I used to get up early in the morning and think I needed to watch P.T.L. on TV. Jim would be in a dead sleep when I got up, but he would be awakened by the Lord and would get up in his sleep and turn that thing off. I sent Tammy 5 bucks … which I am sure didn’t even pay for her mascara. I am so embarrassed to tell that story. That I actually went behind Jim’s back to help Tammy. But I was young and didn’t know any better. But now that I know better I have changed my ways.

If your church teaches good things, then Praise the Lord. But if they don’t? Don’t be afraid to cast that idol of religion down and stomp on it. They kicked Jesus out, and the church world killed Him. Don’t be afraid to stand alone and worship the Lord as your personal Savior. Most of Christendom is packed full of teaching. Many of you mothers are well taught and can easily go out on your own. I have seen so many families healed as they have gotten out of the dead church.

Many of you need to come to grips with yourself and decide who you are in Christ. Are you gutsy enough to stand alone? Cast down these idols and declare openly that you will not worship at satan’s table. Come out from among them and be separated unto God.

I know I teach hard things, and I certainly don’t mean go over your husband’s head.


Between Seasons

Dear Ladies,

Long about now, I am between winter and spring. I feel sort of in mid air. My friend Ruth called yesterday and she is sort of feeling that way.

Sometimes you feel cut loose from your home for one reason or another, and it is hard to settle into the household schedule again. Sometimes the cares of the world draw our spirits away from our homes. Oh, sure, we may be physically home, but worry may keep us at our friend’s house … because we are worried about them.

I was telling Ruth that when I get this way …sort of unable to land? … I just start cooking. If I get overwhelmed and can’t clean because I don’t know what to do first? I just start to fry some meat for the next meal. Then I put a pot of potatoes on to boil. Pretty soon I will start cleaning up the kitchen as I check the meat and potatoes. I sort of stay in the kitchen.

Then I get the meal done and it doesn’t need checking anymore, and I venture into the dining room and I fix the table all up. I may set a candle on the table and put out new napkins. Maybe I will fill up the sugar bowl and wipe the salt and pepper shakers off. Maybe I will make some coffee.

I think each of us has different gifts in homemaking. And sometimes when we get discouraged, we have to start out our day with something that we are gifted in … not necessarily what is the obvious thing to get done. We have to move in the Spirit. Where is the path of grace? What do I have the grace to do?

I think, because so much sometimes goes on around us, that it is really hard to keep our minds on our business at hand. Abortions are going on in our cities, and crimes, and you name it. It is hard at times to be cheerful and go ahead and do what you need to do to run the house. It is hard at times to stay focused.

Sure, you Mothers with little ones are running all day long, taking care of the children. But I am meaning that we need to have a certain household joy that has to be our platform. We have to create an atmosphere of joy … for the joy of the Lord is our strength.

When I go to Mary L’s house, I always catch a spirit of industry there. She is always changing the pictures on the walls or moving things around. She loves dishes and I do, too. I love getting my good dishes out and washing them and rearranging them in my china cabinet. When Mary invites me to lunch, she gets out the cutest dishes. I love to just sit and look at the plates and saucers … and wonder in her living room and look at the different dishes she has put out for special holidays. She will hang a pretty old fashioned Christmas plate of her mother’s on the wall in December. It is such a conversation piece.

I think our main pull, no matter how many little ones we have, has to be to please our husbands. I think maybe this is why I always feel a peace about making a meal when I don’t have the grace or the peace of mind to clean the house. Once I get a meal made, I feel more organized, and then I feel like I can clean.

Also, when I start to cook, my kitchen has the laundry room right by it so I will start the laundry at the same time. So making things in the kitchen and sort of staying in that area gets me going. Our daughter Mary’s job is the living room, so I don’t have to go much further than the kitchen, anyway. She vacuums and folds the wash and puts it away.


Mother’s Home Journal

Yesterday it was starting to get warmer out. It got to about 60 degrees. It was great.

I went out and planted some lettuce up by the house … also spinach and some other greens. Then I took some pots and planted cauliflower and broccoli … put them close up by the house on the south side. In Iowa we could safely get another snow storm before spring. So I am not starting my big garden yet.

I have a big wooden table right outside my dining room door. So yesterday I gathered my clay pots up and filled each with potting soil and then planted herbs in them. I planted black cohosh and St. Johns wart. Also Angelica and lavender.

I had a package of lemon balm seeds so I planted them in a pot to give away as a gift to a friend. I have lemon balm aplenty in my yard and it will come up again this spring. It is great in ice tea in the summer. I just stick it in the tea after I have rolled some leaves up tight and released the oil. Just fresh leaves — you don’t boil it — just throw it in.

Anyway, I put the potted herbs in a box and brought them inside. The weather is too cold this morning for herbs. It’s probably back down to 40 this morning. I will just bring them out when it is warm … until it stays warm and I can leave them out in the sunshine.

I loved going barefoot outside and feeling the soil beneath my feet. When Papa got home from work, I was resting in his chair holding my hands away from the chair, as they were black with dirt. He looked at me as if to say, “It’s spring. Praise the Lord.” I brought him out and showed him what I had been doing and then he started to pull some weeds away from our apple tree. I went down and looked at the rhubarb and it isn’t even starting to come up … it’s still really early spring here.

My heart is so full of emotion this morning. I long to see my old fashion sister roses bloom.

I pull close to the kerosene burner as if I am afraid to let go of it and embrace spring. I had to be very diligent with watching the burner and conserving heat … can I let go of that burden now and go on to a glorious time of spring? How many times adversity has blown hard upon us … and God has brought us through. I never even realize at times that I am under His marvelous grace until He has set me safely upon the shore. Some people laughed at us because we only used 25 bucks worth of gas heat in one month. Why did you pull a stunt like that? It wasn’t a stunt … it’s called survival. Hello?

Today I plan to fix up my window sills of spring. I have some little clay pots and I will plant seeds in them … just to watch them grow. I put plastic wrap over the tops of my seeded pots to keep the moisture in. Probably today I will plant poppies and some other flowers in the little window sill pots.

Cucumbers … I can never get them to grow in pots. I just plant them from seeds when the ground is warm and stays warm. Also basil … it has to be warm and stay warm for basil to grow for me.

One more Item and then I have to get Mary up for school. Last year I bought these garlic seeds. They looked like a little head of white popcorn. I planted the seeds last fall and they are now coming up. Usually I plant bulbs. Well, I have seen seeds … but these are like little kernels.

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