Wednesday, January 17, 2018

A Busy Day

Dear Ladies,

I have to be gone this morning, so I am running about doing things. I need to make a list for Mary to do after she finishes her schoolwork.

Walked Jim out to the car this morning as he went off to work. Yep, it’s almost spring. The yard is a mess. I make lists in my head as I walk back into the house. I can’t hardly wait until I can be done wearing my layers of warm clothes and wear only a cotton house dress to do my house work in. And go barefoot with no socks … just red painted toenails as my spring and summer shoes. I am itchin’ to get out my wringer washer and wash clothes and hang them out on the line.

I love the period of spring just before the schools are out. It is so warm and quiet in the neighborhood. As summer goes on, it gets noisier and more oppressive. It gets harder and harder to hear the Holy Spirit. Sometimes when I want to get quiet, I shut the front of the house off, and the kids and I use this side door that goes out to the back yard while Jim is at work. When he gets home, he makes the walls dance and the front is open again.

We don’t have air conditioning and I love the house to be open and the fresh air coming in. But in town, it’s hard to keep the house quiet sometimes, and especially in the summer.

When I was raising my children … so often I needed to be quiet. To be still and meditate and pray. I would get so confused and out of control if my quiet times with the children were interrupted. As Mary L used to say, her children were as medicine to her. My children were, too. I loved spending my quiet times with them … they gave me peace.

When the first two were young … late morning in the summer, we would go for a walk to the library. Then in the afternoon, I would lay a clean sheet on the floor and bed pillows and put our big box fan in front of it. Then the children would lay there and get cooled off and read their library books. I would fix them cold drinks that they had to keep on the table. If they wanted a drink, they just went to the table and drank them. Then back to their place on the floor with their books.

Often in the summer, we took the bus somewhere, early in the day before it got hot. They loved that. I would fix them little lunches to eat on the bus. Always at the start of the summer, I bought them new sunglasses, and a toy whistle to make noises with and to wear around their necks. They were so cute as they would get on the bus, with their little lunch boxes and sunglasses and their whistles.

Chrissy and Johnny were about 3 and 5 at the time. I would take them shopping and they always had to try out all the potties at each new store. But I didn’t care … good grief, they were just little.

We need quiet times with the children, to come to their level and do what they would like to do. That is impossible if you have company all the time. You naturally will cater to the adults in the room. And then the little ones get left out.

My babies were top priority. I remember one time getting upset with the children and telling Jim they were driving me nuts. He really took offence at that. I tried to never say that again.

Someone had given our Chrissy, at about age 5, a tee shirt that said KID FOR RENT on it. She has never forgotten that I hated that shirt … because the shirt made it sound like we didn’t love her.

Even after the children were grown and Jim and I were out shopping, we still automatically go look at the toys.


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