Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Homemade Aprons Over Bare Feet

Dear Kitchen Saints,

Soon… very soon… I hope I can get Jim to take me to the Salvation Army. I want to get some prairie skirts to make a few more aprons. They are fun to make. Just pick out a flowered skirt, soft and cotton. Then you take your sewing scissors and cut the back of the skirt out, so that all you have is the front part of the skirt. Then just buy some cotton washable ribbon and sew them to each side of the waistband and you have a nice long apron. Sometimes, if you cut it just right a long the side seams, then you don’t even have to hem the sides.

I love the really long aprons to cover my skirts. I may even find some more long cotton skirts for spring. In the warm days I think cotton skirts are so much cooler even than shorts.

Of course, I run barefoot all year outside as I hang the clothes on the line and putter in my garden. I promised myself that when I became 40 that I would begin to wear shoes. As it ain’t even decent a woman my age, a grown mother of six children, barefoot. But I turned 40 and I still don’t wear shoes, and then 50 and now 53. I don’t imagine I will ever wear shoes. Well, except when I go to town, ya know? When I first started writing, and to my surprise I got published, I would say to the Lord, “But Lord, I don’t even wear shoes.”

I told Christian Joy, my 27 year old, how I felt. She said, “Oh, Mom, don’t worry about it. Anyone who reads your writing would already know that you don’t wear shoes.” So I guess I’m not fooling anyone, even though I hide behind this email machine.

Well I need to get busy. Just wanted to tell you about the aprons so that maybe you can get some made before spring.

I think for supper I will fix Papa shepherds pie. I just put layer of cooked and drained hamburger at the bottom of a pan. Then put some green beans on the top. Then pour gravy or diluted mushroom soup on the top of that. Then I make mashed potatoes and put them on the top and bake them until they are brown. Papa will be needing some gravy by today. He has some errands to run after work so I will have plenty of time to do my gardening plans on paper this afternoon.

Well, I had better start rattling pots and pans, as Mary Lehman always says when she is starting to fix a meal. Have a good day.


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