Saturday, February 24, 2018


Dear Ladies,

Jim just left for work and here is a funny story…

Last night Jim was eating the brownies I made yesterday? And he said, “Honey, there is wood in these brownies.” He gave me a piece of wood and… no exaggeration… that piece of wood was about an inch and a half long and was a fourth of an inch wide. It was flat. It was so obvious, he wouldn’t have even accidentally eaten it. I thought, “Connie, how did you miss seeing that when you were stirring the batter?” Oh brother, what a riot! Well, today I will watch my cooking better and try to keep foreign objects out of the food.

Hopefully, after I do my cooking this morning and get that out of the way, I can do some sewing. I want to take some material and make an herb pillow. I have some dried herbs that I haven’t used yet this winter. I have way more than I need or will use before spring. Also I have a lot of potpourri I had made from my flowers last year. I am just going to take all of it… the dried flowers and herbs… and put them all into a pillow.

I make a potpourri out of any flowers that I have dried. Mary had even found a monarch butterfly last summer that was dead and we dried it and set it on top of the dried flowers in a jar. It looked really pretty. But you can dry peonies… well, any flower that retains its color after it is dried. Not lilacs because they turn brown. I dry any flower that has a pretty color. I just bring my flowers in and lay them some place and forget them and they dry. Then I just crumble the petals in my jar. Make sure they are really dry. When you lay them out to dry, make sure you don’t lay them in a big bunch or they will just mildew before they dry.

This garden year, I want to try to grow chicory again. It’s an herb, and you can take the roots and dry them and grind them up and use them for a coffee substitute. I suppose, though, that the roots wouldn’t be that big the first year. I will have to see… and experiment as usual. Also I want to take better care of my rose hips this year. I hope to get a better harvest from them. Last year, I let too much foliage grow around them. I let nightshade take over on them. I love the nightshade. The red berries dry nicely to make wreaths. They have nice vines. But the rose hips didn’t like the nightshade and so the nightshade has to go. I have some more growing in the back yard, anyway. No Big Deal.

I am also looking forward to planting an Italian garden this year. I tried it last year but it was a bad year for gardens last summer. I can keep a garden going good even in a drought but, if it is too wet, I fail in my gardening. The Italian garden I want to plant is down by the back yard fence. My kitchen garden is up here by the house. The Italian garden I want to plant will be mostly different varieties of tomatoes. Then, in between the rows, I will plant sweet basil and other kinds, I hope, of basil. And, hopefully, lots of onions and salad greens. Also other herbs like rosemary, if it didn’t live through the winter from last spring. Maybe some parsley.

I have chives planted in another garden… hopefully it made it through the winter.

Then also in my Italian garden, I want to plant flowers for the table. Sounds sexy, doesn’t it. A wild Italian Mama fixing an Italian spaghetti supper for her husband from what she has grown herself in her garden? Too bad I look like an Indian squaw.


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