Saturday, February 24, 2018

Receiving Miracles

Dear Ladies,

Need a miracle? I know how to get one… but like the rest of the world, I get into unbelief and lose mine… sometimes. Sometimes not. So I will try to tell you how miracles have come to the Hultquists.

Mark 4 tells of the sower sowing the seed. How some of the seed is sown on ground that isn’t conducive to good growth. Please read this in Mark 4 because, if I explain the whole thing, my email will run out of space. Anyway, it’s a parable of how the Lord sows seeds or how He sows the word into our hearts.

Yesterday, I wrote about the visions that the Lord has put into your heart. This is a seed sown by God into your heart. Mary JESUS’ mother had a seed sown into her heart when the angel spoke to her that she would have a Son and He would take over the throne of David. Mary was good ground… her heart was good soil.

Mark4:20 And these are they which are sown on good ground; such as hear the word, and receive it, and bring forth fruit, some thirty fold, some 60 fold, and some a hundred.

So Mary was good ground! The Lord planted a vision in Mary’s heart and she protected her vision and the seed of Christ until she gave birth. Mary had plenty of reasons to give up. But she didn’t allow the enemy to take her seed.

Mark 4:19 says that some abort the good seeds sown in their hearts by allowing the cares of this world to choke the word out of their hearts. Mary was under pressure to give up as she walked about pregnant and not married. But Mary didn’t give up… she protected that seed in her heart. She didn’t allow the vision God put into her heart to be aborted.

Verse 17 speaks of a heart with no root in themselves. This is a heart that hasn’t any word of God in it. This is like a woman who reads or hears about faith from someone like me… but she doesn’t have any roots in Christ. Flesh and blood can’t put a vision from God into your heart… either you get it on your knees or, Darlin’, you plain ain’t gonna get it. I am only the Lord’s water girl, trying to water the seed that you have already received from God. The vision alive in your heart.

What is the vision in your heart? Is it to see your wayward children walk with God? Then get some root… some word in your heart and lay down your life to protect the word in your Spirit and give it some space to grow. When the enemy tries to defeat you with persecution and the cares of this world… refuse to listen to him. Protect the word in your heart so that it can produce miracles. Let that seed produce a hundred fold.

Every day I stand on the scripture All of my children will be taught of the lord and great shall be their peace. They disappoint me until my heart wants to say, “Lord, I give up.” The Devil is there to tell me that home schooling was a waste of time. But… No… I refuse to let the Devil steal the word out of my heart. I won’t abort that precious seed sown in my heart. I want that seed to produce a hundred fold for Jesus.

I see other mothers who were so careless in raising their children, and their children seem to do better than my kids, hands down. My back feels weary from the load. But the word… my root comes up into my mouth and I speak life to myself. “Connie, you are a woman of faith. You walk by faith and not by sight. Don’t let the cares of this world steal the word out of your heart.”

The secret to miracles is that holy word that is sown by the Holy Spirit into our hearts. The more word… solid in your heart… the more miracles you will see.

In a few areas I can be strong in faith. So I will show you how it works.

We haven’t had health insurance since 1988. I am able bodied and could have gone out and gotten a job and bought insurance. But under the leading of the Holy Spirit, Jim and I decided that we would trust God for our health because we knew that the Lord had called me to home school. So I got a crash course in learning how to trust the Lord concerning healing.

Lately, I had to go to the hospital and eat a lot of crow… but i did get to kick the devil in the mouth on my way out the door. That did my little heart good. Some day I will tell you about the miracles that happened there. I was in a lot of pain as I entered the hospital and had nothing to pay them with except my good looks and I didn’t even have that. I had no medical card or anything. The doctor treated me like I was a street woman… but in the end, the Lord did smack his face for him. The Lord’s favor gave me a private room and a night nurse who knew the Lord and had faith that could bore a hole in a door without a drill. The county chased me down to give me emergency medical help. The woman who called me told me of a miracle that furthered my faith in a big way. I will never forget her faith.

Sooo I say this to say I have eaten a lot of crow in my day, and I am certainly not the best example of faith. But I do have a few seeds under my belt that have developed and have produced a hundred fold. I am sorely lacking… and hoping that if I teach you ladies what I know about faith, then hopefully, as I give, it will be given back to me a hundred fold.

So to back track… we were saying that in order to receive a miracle from God, He has to put a vision in our hearts. Afterwards, the devil will come and try to steal it out of our hearts with persecution from the world. Or with the cares of this world. Or with the lust of other things. We decide that this faith thing is too hard and we give up on our families. The enemy puts pressure on us… he embarrasses us. He sends people to tell us that we had better give up on our marriage because it is hopeless. Our kids are hopeless… we are broke and how will we pay the bills?

The enemy’s job is to pressure us until we cry out “UNCLE.” or “I give up.” We get off of our faith walk and forget the word the vision in our hearts. And isn’t that easy to do? It’s easy… but not godly. We must fight that good fight of faith and not let the enemy have the holy seed within us. We, as holy women of God, cannot let persecution drive us. We can’t move by circumstances or the things that are seen. We must move out on things that are unseen… our visions in God.

Sarah considered not her own body or the deadness of her womb. God had called her to have a son in her old age. She didn’t consider the circumstances. She considered the word spoken to her through her husband that she would have a baby in her old age. Through faith, she received strength to conceive a seed. Not only did she receive a seed, she protected her seed until she gave birth to it. Afterwards, she protected her seed Isaac until she died. She never gave up, even when Abraham almost sacrificed her seed. She held on to her faith.

This next part I want to write about is Mark 11:23 and 24. The main idea is that you must believe that you HAVE what you ask for. We can’t just let the vision that God gives us just sit in our hearts. Faith is active… faith without works is dead. Inactive faith is going to die.

Inactive faith will die out as any living thing will die without care. If the Lord has planted faith in our hearts as a seed, and this seed tells us that all of our children will know the Lord? Then how do we water this seed? We water our seed by casting down our own vain imaginations concerning our children… and anything that exalts itself above the knowledge of God.

Example. Satan has you, as a mother, find out some horrible thing about the son you are praying for. Immediately grab your heart and protect that seed of truth in your spirit. You confess, “I am not moved by what I see but only by what I believe. God has promised me that all of my children are taught of the Lord and great is their peace.”

Let God’s word reign supreme in your heart… give it first place. When you hear a bad report dig deeper into God. Give that word more fuel in your heart and more protection. Don’t give up — just add more wood to the fire. Protect your heart, for out of it is the issues of life. Walk out your faith… walk as though your children are all saved and walking in Him. Or that your husband is saved and walking in God.

Forgive those who have hurt you or your faith will die and never bring forth any fruit.

Ladies… if one of you has lost your husband today, don’t despair. Plant the word in your heart. What God hath joined together let no man or woman separate. If you keep the word in your heart and you don’t give up, you will see the glory of God. We must not allow the word to be choked out of our hearts. We must walk as though God’s word is alive in our hearts. For many of you will just have to get away alone … away from your oppressors… and hide in God.

These precious visions that God gives us are mighty and have a lot of reward that comes with them. This day, let us choose to walk in faith and be mighty women of faith. For, as Mary had a powerful seed, we Marys have seeds, too. Our families mean something to God, too. Let us be like Mary and not allow our seeds to be aborted.


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