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Singing & Dancing

Dear Singing Sisters,

This morning I feel like my fingers are tap dancing merrily across these keys. In the flesh I am sad and confused… questioning the Lord on many things. My heart is heavy concerning my children. I feel condemned. I feel that I have failed as a mother… over and over again. And yet my spirit is filled with the joy of the Lord. I lay down my life… I die to myself… and I pick up His life, His anointing, His peace.

I pray “OH LORD, how can you use Connie Hultquist?”

The answer comes, “I can’t use her, except she die and I become alive in her. Except she die daily and take up my cross, she will not see MY glory.”

Out of a broken heart the joy comes… and here is my message for this day.

The Lord says:

Oh, daughters, rejoice and be glad. Scurry about in your homes, making your homes a place for the angels to dwell. A place where the angels gather to hear the Lord’s instructions. Oh, today make a temple of gold and precious stones and rubies and pearls and give it to your Father God. These precious stones are your prayers and your tears cried before the Lord.

A home is only made with the tears of a wounded wife and mother. For her heart has been cut and pierced, and the blood of her soul has been poured forth. And, oh, this sacrificed life is so precious to the Lord God.

Oh, Mother, how you wait upon that cross for the victory. Have you walked to the cross in obedience, willing to lay humbly down on the floor… face first… holding nothing back? Mother, lay humbly down and weep before the master, “Not my will but thine be done.”

Cast your crowns of worldliness at His feet and take up the life of a servant, a handmaiden for the Lord. For as you lose your life for His sake, you will win His abundant life back. You will win His joy and His anointing.

Today Ladies, put on your golden slippers that will some day walk the streets of gold. Dance before the Lord with joy and cry out “Lord, anoint me and bless me. I won’t let you go until you anoint me. I cannot live unless YOU anoint me to be the wife and mother that You have called me to be. Oh Father, I let lose of this present world that I may fly with angelic beings, and that I may see the glory of God.”

Oh, Ladies, give up your silly notions of what is what in this present world and let Christ show you His life and visions. Renew your minds with the supernatural word of God. Come into the world of the HOLY spirit and forsake the vanity of this present world. Die to it.

Come into the world where nothing is impossible with God. God doesn’t care what day it is. He is the same yesterday today and forever. He doesn’t care how old you are… or your past life. That is all under the blood. He is spirit and life and He knows no boundaries. And in Him you have no boundaries or obstacles. All things are possible to those who believe.

No, we cannot do supernatural things. We are only flesh and blood. But as we step lively and obediently into His Holy Land, we connect with a live wire an electrical force that can do anything and His name is JESUS.

Oh, Ladies, HE is your healer and the restorer of your family. He comes to bind up your broken heart and to set your husband (who is captive) free. He set Jim free and he restored my life and bound up my broken heart. And yet this is just a part of the victory for me. I still have many battles yet to win. And like you, I will go forth to victory.

Victory is Sweet

Once you have tasted of the lord and know Him as a mighty deliverer, you see your other obstacles through the eyes of past victories. You know that nothing is impossible with God. Your eyes and heart know His victory and His life.

And yet in the flesh you live and your heart can become very heavy and torn at times. When I speak of dancing and singing before the Lord… I mean in the spirit. Maybe your heart is sorrowful… your eyes have beheld the evil around you. But anything that can be seen is subject to change. With God all things are possible. Dance and sing in the holy realm where God lives and knows no boundaries.

Today I am just going to ask the Lord to bless my cooking and my house cleaning. I am going to wear my golden slippers and be full of joy. Again I am preparing my home to be a place to house priests and Kings. Mary’s and Sarah’s. I am going to catch hold of that electrical force called Jesus and let His power move me on to righteousness. As electricity moves my mixer that whirls in my bowl, Jesus can move me in a whirl of energy.

We need to step into the supernatural as the children of Israel stepped into the Red Sea. The sea opened up as they stepped in. The water was made into wine as the servants poured it at the marriage in Cana. As we step into the supernatural God will open our Red Sea… and make a way for us where there was no way.

Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good.

As the widow poured, the oil multiplied and poured forth. As you prepare your home for your husband to be healed, your husbands will come forth. And the miracles will pour forth.

Believe and receive your miracles today. Believe and you will receive.


Creative Musical Faith

Dear Ladies,

God is so big. He is our creator. He made you ladies to be creative. He made you to dance in your homes with pure joy. And it all starts in your heart. Create in your heart… in your mind… a Place for God. Let Him paint a beautiful picture in your mind of a healed and restored family.

Why should we let satan create a picture of a dysfunctional family in our minds? What is in your heart you will act out. You are a queen in your home. You have the power given to you by God to have a family that will glorify the Lord. Don’t let satan have what you create with your mind. Don’t yield your members (your hands, mind, ears or mouth) to unrighteousness.

Yield your body to righteousness. Cast down vain imaginations and every thought that exalts itself above God. Don’t put on the brakes in your spirit… let it be creative and musical. Dance before the Lord with all of your might.

Sing songs before the Lord. Sing about a restored family. Sing praise to God for a husband who has come home and gotten saved.

If you play an instrument, play it unto the Lord. Give Jesus your mouth and let Him form words of praise. Sing as you do your dishes about a restored household. Sing, Sisters in Christ, and yield your members to righteousness. Oh, sing unto the Lord a new song. Sing as an angel or as a pretty song bird.

Praise the Lord for what He is doing to deliver you. Ladies, He delivered me and I can safely say I probably went through as much as you have. He is no respecter of persons.

When hell is as thick as mud around you, that is when God is with you. Don’t let satan fool you. God is with you. He is with you and HE has miracles for you.

Rebellion is as witchcraft. Don’t be rebellious against GOD. He is your only hope… fly, Sisters, with the angels. Don’t pick through garbage with the lord of the flies. Don’t be as witches that distort the word of God. Be as arrows that are pointed in the direction of Godliness.

Clean your house today with a new vision. You are cleaning your house for a husband who will sit with the elders in the land. You are creating a home for prophets and priests. For daughters to be trained as Mary’s and Hannah’s. Prepare a home… a training place for God’s chosen people.

Oh, dear Queens of His people, arise and declare righteousness in our land.



Dear Ladies,

Jim just left for work and here is a funny story…

Last night Jim was eating the brownies I made yesterday? And he said, “Honey, there is wood in these brownies.” He gave me a piece of wood and… no exaggeration… that piece of wood was about an inch and a half long and was a fourth of an inch wide. It was flat. It was so obvious, he wouldn’t have even accidentally eaten it. I thought, “Connie, how did you miss seeing that when you were stirring the batter?” Oh brother, what a riot! Well, today I will watch my cooking better and try to keep foreign objects out of the food.

Hopefully, after I do my cooking this morning and get that out of the way, I can do some sewing. I want to take some material and make an herb pillow. I have some dried herbs that I haven’t used yet this winter. I have way more than I need or will use before spring. Also I have a lot of potpourri I had made from my flowers last year. I am just going to take all of it… the dried flowers and herbs… and put them all into a pillow.

I make a potpourri out of any flowers that I have dried. Mary had even found a monarch butterfly last summer that was dead and we dried it and set it on top of the dried flowers in a jar. It looked really pretty. But you can dry peonies… well, any flower that retains its color after it is dried. Not lilacs because they turn brown. I dry any flower that has a pretty color. I just bring my flowers in and lay them some place and forget them and they dry. Then I just crumble the petals in my jar. Make sure they are really dry. When you lay them out to dry, make sure you don’t lay them in a big bunch or they will just mildew before they dry.

This garden year, I want to try to grow chicory again. It’s an herb, and you can take the roots and dry them and grind them up and use them for a coffee substitute. I suppose, though, that the roots wouldn’t be that big the first year. I will have to see… and experiment as usual. Also I want to take better care of my rose hips this year. I hope to get a better harvest from them. Last year, I let too much foliage grow around them. I let nightshade take over on them. I love the nightshade. The red berries dry nicely to make wreaths. They have nice vines. But the rose hips didn’t like the nightshade and so the nightshade has to go. I have some more growing in the back yard, anyway. No Big Deal.

I am also looking forward to planting an Italian garden this year. I tried it last year but it was a bad year for gardens last summer. I can keep a garden going good even in a drought but, if it is too wet, I fail in my gardening. The Italian garden I want to plant is down by the back yard fence. My kitchen garden is up here by the house. The Italian garden I want to plant will be mostly different varieties of tomatoes. Then, in between the rows, I will plant sweet basil and other kinds, I hope, of basil. And, hopefully, lots of onions and salad greens. Also other herbs like rosemary, if it didn’t live through the winter from last spring. Maybe some parsley.

I have chives planted in another garden… hopefully it made it through the winter.

Then also in my Italian garden, I want to plant flowers for the table. Sounds sexy, doesn’t it. A wild Italian Mama fixing an Italian spaghetti supper for her husband from what she has grown herself in her garden? Too bad I look like an Indian squaw.


Victory Wives and Mothers

Dear Wives of Faith,

I am hearing from more and more of you ladies who have read my article in Above Rubies. I am so glad to meet all of you. Each of you seem to be such prayer warriors and seem to really love the Lord. I am so happy to know you.

I wanted to tell some of you ladies who have just come aboard about my email machine. I can’t receive attachments or pictures… just words. I am pretty limited as to how much I can write or receive. Sometimes my writings have to be divided up into 2 or even 3 emails. If you want to write a lot just divide it up. I am not concerned if you write a lot or often. Sometimes part of your healing comes as you feel free to write as much as you need to. I will read your emails and write you back… well, eventually. So if you need to write, feel free to. But just remember the rules of my little machine here. It gets easily overloaded.

I live in Iowa and it is starting to snow again this morning. I am watching the weather as I type and look out my window. Jim is off to work. It’s past 7:00. Mary, age 15, was sick last night so I am letting her sleep this morning. I won’t be getting her up for home school at the usual 7:30. She can do her work later on when she wakes up.

This morning as I got up with Jim, this was my thought. Today I just want to make a big pot of soup for my family and some cornbread. A big pan of cornbread. I am frying hamburger now, about a pound. I will use half of this pound for vegetable soup and with the other half pound, I will make some goulash. I make goulash in an old fashioned way. Just boil the macaroni and drain it. Put the hamburger in and tomatoes. I am out of home canned tomatoes but I will just add tomato sauce. I will probably add green beans to this mixture, some onions fried in with the meat… green peppers, too. Some garlic and other herbs. Got to check the cupboards to see what I have. Spanish rice is made the same way except, instead of the macaroni, use rice. The soup and the goulash will go good with the cornbread. I will make both meals this morning.

Dan (18) has to leave for work this afternoon sometime, so he won’t be here for supper. I like to have things on the stove for the day… that way the family can eat when they need to, around their work schedules. Jim will work late this afternoon and will want a snack when he gets home and then supper will be about 6:00. I like to have food made up, too, because sometimes David (now 20) drops over for something quick to eat, especially close to pay day. Sometimes the rascal even brings his friend.

I love to have my home peaceful when David drops by or when Daddy gets home from work. They always come in and look at the stove to see what is cooking. “Is this for supper or can I eat it now?” I know if the older boys don’t eat it now… they won’t eat it at all. They are busy with jobs and their own lives. Hopefully Mama’s cooking draws them home to a comfort they can’t get in the world.

We don’t eat a lot of meat or expensive food… just comfort foods. Papa Jim loves creamed eggs… I fix this for him and Mary. You just make a white sauce in your pan and add cut up boiled eggs, just with salt and pepper. I serve this on buttered toast. Sometimes I add cheese if I have it, but they like it plain, too.

You know, ladies, in the early years of my marriage when life was so troubled? I never even dreamed that some day I would be a writer. Back in those old days, all I desired was to just have a husband that loved me and a father for my children. I never thought that some day I would write to many women who were going through the same things. All I did when I was alone was make a home for my children and prepare for Jim to be saved.

People screamed at me to do something with my life… to get on with my life. But all I wanted to do was stay home and be a homemaker. Older women told me I wouldn’t amount to a hill of beans… just staying home and looking after my children… keeping house… and just keeping food on the table. I was on state aid and I was embarrassed about that. We lived with a lot of lack. But I did not speak lack to my children. I just told them that I was hoping in God and they should, too.

I lived a simple private life with my children. I did some writing then but not very much. All Mary, Jesus’ mother, ever did was live a simple life and raise the Lord Jesus Christ. Can’t you imagine someone in this age worrying that she hadn’t made anything of her life? All the mothers in the Bible basically lived as Mary did. Your children, dear Mothers, are as little Jesus’ too. Be content to be just mothers to your children and hope in God for your husbands to come home, to be saved. But be at Peace… trust in the Lord.

What you are doing matters. Just like what I did mattered. To the world I was doing nothing. To the Lord I was being obedient. And He rewarded me. He gave me the desires of my heart. Can you imagine how I have felt this 21 years later, having my testimony go all over the world? And if you follow my example, you will be following a woman who supposedly didn’t amount to anything. It matters to me that I amounted to something to suffering saints. I never wanted to be worldly, anyway.

I have never written a book and never want to, either. I would be concerned that it would take away from my time as a wife and mother. My greatest desire in my heart has never changed through the years. Still all I want is for my family to walk and talk with God.

I stay here as an example to my older children. I want my boys to marry stay at home mothers. Mothers who will be a light in the darkness to my grandchildren. I don’t want to stop with just seeing my husband saved and living an honest wholesome life. I want to see my children marry Godly spouses and have solid homes where Christ dwells.

Mothers, we only have one life to live for Christ. Only what is done for Him will last. In my eyes, I will have failed as a mother if I don’t pray all of my children into His Kingdom. I can’t imagine living on this earth and not leading my children to Christ. I couldn’t face Jesus on judgment day if I felt that the children I was responsible for didn’t honor the Lord.

Loving Your Husband

Dearest Sisters of Light,

I want to visit with you this morning about Esther, about how she communicated with the King Jesus and then her king husband. Esther was a woman with a meek and quiet spirit… a woman of prayer and obedience. Let’s take apart her rules for communication with her husband.

She never ran into his throne room and began yackity- yacken. Most husbands speak and communicate in primary colors. Jim does, anyway. I speak, as you know, in every color in between. I write red hot sometimes and then I get pinker and pinker and throw in some royal blue and end up with purple. Jim speaks in red OR blue or yellow, etc. When I listen to Jim, I listen and respond in red or blue… in primary colors. Or in main points and subjects… not dancing off into shades of gold when he is speaking YELLOW.

Men don’t understand women at times. We are little birds with tender hearts. Sensitive… made to hold babies and to be keepers at home. We are the weaker vessels.

Some of you ladies are married to men who need to come to Christ. And you need to catch their favor as Esther did.

Esther was wise. She fasted and prayed before she went to her husband’s throne. Then she spoke to him in primary colors. She didn’t approach her husband in her own strength… but in the strength of the Lord. So it became Esther… hidden in God… as she spoke to her king.

Also, she spoke to the king in the inner court. She didn’t speak to him as he was walking about the courtyard. She spoke to him in a holy place. It was still and quiet. She wasn’t stumbling over her words as every word counted. She reverenced her king and she asked for the life of her home, her people that were about to be slaughtered. What Esther did that day in the inner court saved the lives of a nation of Jews, God’s chosen people. Her husband, the king, had power to kill off a nation. In Esther’s wisdom, she knew that she had to become one with the King… her husband. And yet she knew, too, that to do this, she had to become one first with the Lord.

How could king Ahasuerus ever have understood in two hundred or even a million words what was on Esther’s heart? This man was a murderer and wouldn’t have thought twice about murdering a whole nation of Jews. I don’t think the King ever heard Esther’s words or was moved much by them. He was moved by his love for Esther. He was moved by the eternal fruit of righteousness that he saw in Esther. Even a sinner can see the beauty of Christ. He is glorious and He gave Esther favor.

If God is for you, ladies, nothing can stand against you. As you pray, you must win the Lord’s favor… and then go before your king. Speak to your husband with the Love of God and then ask him to come back home, to save the life of the family.

Some women try to rush at their husbands and proceed to beat them silly with the Bible. Husbands, unsaved and in the world, don’t hear or understand that kind of treatment. What would have happened to Esther if she had done this? She would have had her head cut off. And in this world of feminism a lot of you ladies are getting your heads cut off. And once you have been dismissed from the inner court, it’s hard to get the king’s favor again. So choose your words wisely and make sure you are hidden in God.

I make many mistakes as a wife, but I do cater to Jim. I wouldn’t dream of not getting up with my husband for work and sending him off to work with a prayer and a kiss.

We don’t allow our husbands to be the priest of the home.. They are the priest of the home. They may be unjust and hate the Lord… maybe they are as Esther’s king was… a tyrant. Well, the king was still the king and the head of the nation, whether he was right or wrong. And Esther didn’t win his favor and save her homeland by presenting a good argument to her husband. I mean, this guy had no sense of fair play. What changed the course of history for the Jewish nation? It was the King’s love for Esther. She won his heart… his desire. She was the spoonful of sugar that made his medicine from the Lord go down.

The name of the game is to win the King’s heart and you will save the home. I mean, you have to agree, he is the guy with the goods. He is the children’s daddy… and your husband. Who else could take his place?

I see wives trying to win their husbands to the church… no, this won’t work. Win him to your heart first. Think of Esther. The man is an unbeliever. Wives, you are the connection between your husband and the Lord. You are flesh and blood and can win your husband to a supernatural God. You are the temple of the Holy Spirit. When you become one with your husband, he becomes one with God. You teach him to know God with your life. Your actions and not your words.

You are not to teach or to take authority over your husband. You must love him into the kingdom of God with your life. You are the sacrifice, as Christ was God’s sacrifice. You are God’s helper. You must become your husband’s glory for him to become the Lord’s glory. Yet most women won’t give their lives to see their homes healed. I am stepping on a lot of toes right now. A lot of wives are trying to run after fire breathing dragons with fly swatters. All you are doing, lady, is tickling that dragon’s funny bone. And you look funny, too.

I get a kick out of wives who put some big sermon on their answering machines. Then when their unsaved husbands make a call home, they get a sermon… for free. Nooooo… sorry… that ain’t gonna work. It’s the anointing that breaks the yoke. How much anointing does an answering machine have? Well, I am getting silly now. I should close this off, as I need to get back to work.

I do want to say one more thing. You may ask, “Well, how in the nitty gritty do we become the sugar that helps our husbands to swallow the remedy?” Which is the Lord Jesus Christ? By giving them your life… by laying down your life for them as Christ did for us.

How can we know Christ unless we become a part of Him? We become a part of our husbands by love making. That is one way. This is a very powerful way to bring him to the understanding of Christ. As he becomes one with you, he becomes one with Christ. You must honor him and do as he asks you to do. Women of the world… oh, brother… they have nothing over on a woman of God. Don’t try to be like the women of the world… be women of God.

Sarah still gave her husband pleasure even though he was old, and she was, too. But Sarah was beautiful even in her old age. Isaac wouldn’t have even been born if Sarah hadn’t been the sweet sugar in Abraham’s life. Well, think of Elizabeth. These women gave their lives to further the Kingdom of God.

The power of coming together with your husband is the greatest way of all to win an unsaved husband. It’s sure easier and more fun than arguing him to pieces.

Duty calls.


Good Forgivers

Dear Ladies,

This afternoon, I am baking dinner rolls and cinnamon rolls. Also I made beef stew with homemade noodles in it. My Jim will be home in a while from work. It’s the afternoon and it is snowing outside.

I have felt so close to my husband lately. My heart calls to him even now. As I look out my snowy window as I write, my memories drop back to when we were in our first years of a very stormy marriage. We would have a fight and Jim would hitch hike out of town and be gone for a month or so. I would weep my heart out for days on end. People would say, “Well, he is demon possessed.” And I would agree… had to agree… and yet, I knew I had the answers for Jim… the Lord Jesus Christ.

I used to wonder why no one could understand that He who was greater in me was greater than he who was in the world. Why didn’t the believers around me understand? I know they hated to see me and the children suffer so. And yet we were in the hollow of GOD’S hands.

Jim would then call me in a month or so, long distance, from another state. Asking how we were and telling me he was hopeless. That we should divorce and that I needed to just give up and find someone who could be a decent husband. I would say, “Honey, come home.” So he would stand out on the highway with his thumb out… in the summer heat… trying to catch a ride from one state to the next… trying to make his way back home. It would take him days. And I would prepare my heart to greet him. He needed me to help him and to care for him.

Now this is not a popular story… especially in this day of easy divorce. But, yes, Jim needed me. He needed me to show him the Savior. He didn’t know the Lord that I knew. He does now… but he didn’t then. Oh, when I would see him coming up the street, sun parched face and ragged clothes… my heart would leap. How I had missed him! How I loved him with an everlasting love! I gave up many times and was bitter… very bitter. But then I would forgive him and it would be alright for a while.

We were talking about this, this morning with Mary. I said, “Mary, Papa really needed me when we first married.” Well, he still does and I need him so much! As a Christian wife, I am so happy that the Lord called me to a man who really needed me.

Of course, now Jim has been saved for over twenty years. And, as I was telling a friend, Jim spoils the kids and me rotten. He isn’t a rich man but he certainly spoils us with Love. Many times over the past twenty years, he has had to forgive me, too. I needed his strength and forgiveness as he had needed mine. I tell people that Jim and I don’t have a good marriage because we are so easy to get along with. We are just two good forgivers.

No one is perfect. We are all flesh and blood. We are all going to need forgiveness from our mates at one time or the other. When You are called upon to forgive your man, forgive him as you would want to be forgiven. Because your day will come and you will need your husband to have a patient and forgiving heart. What you put into your marriage, you will receive out of it.

Well, Papa just got home from work so… duty calls.


Dreams and Visions

Dear Ladies,

So often I write about holding your visions in your heart as a seed of Christ hidden in a secret womb. As Mary held her seed in secret, we have visions to hold and not let go.

Each of us mothers is like Mary to some extent. We mothers want to raise our children in holiness. We want them to know God, and not only know Him, but we want God’s Spirit to be in our children. Mary held a baby in her womb and His name was Jesus. And she also held a vision and a dream in her womb. The angel spoke to her, “He shall be great and shall be called the Son of the Highest. He will sit on the throne of David and His kingdom will have no end.” Luke 2:32. So Mary held her visions in her heart and pondered these things.

As an older mother, at times my faith is not as crisp and clean as it once was. I feel at times like an old weathered barn out in the cornfield. My dreams and visions, at times, fade into forgotten dreams of how things should have been. My desires to prepare for answered prayers aren’t as full of steam as they used to be.

And yet Mary, too, had lost her vision when Jesus was twelve and stayed in the temple. Really, if Mary had been pivoting from the visions in her heart, she would have known where Jesus was. Shouldn’t she have thought that Jesus would be alright and about His Father’s business?

Sarah forgot her dream and vision as time went on and she didn’t get pregnant.

Zacharias seemed, as a priest, to forget his vision to have a son… but Elizabeth didn’t. She was old and full of faith and ready to receive. As the older woman, she encouraged Mary and was a silent example to her husband. As soon as Elizabeth conceived her seed… her vision… she hid herself… she protected her vision. Elizabeth was a prophetess. When Mary came to visit her, she knew instantly that Mary held the Son of God in her womb. Elizabeth cried out with a loud voice, “Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb.”

These Holy women conceived the kingdom of God in their wombs. They held their seeds of visions in secret and lived in private among other Holy women of God. Their husbands continually ran to keep up with them and God, knowing their wives to be holy women of God, mete for the Master’s use. And yet, these women were faithful wives and trusted mothers. God trusted Mary to be the mother of Christ. He knew that Elizabeth would raise John in the wilderness far away from any worldly influence.

To me, Elizabeth was the older woman who knew how to stand alone. What a powerful virtuous woman she was! Now in our time, in our wicked generation, how many Baby John the Baptists lay on the garbage heap behind an abortion clinic? Many women are called to have children for Christ… but how many of their babies have died at the mother’s hand?

Many are called but few are chosen. In the days of Christ, why did the Lord pick a young virgin to have His son Jesus… or an old barren woman to have John the Baptist? Because, as with all spiritual things, the Lord looks for willing hearts and not always the strong or the mighty in this world. God called the impossible to the possible… and He picked holy women of God to give birth to His glory.

Maybe the Lord has called you to have a supernatural birth. To hold a vision in your heart until you become pregnant with His glory. A vision to protect until you give birth. A vision that you may have to die for.

Maybe the Lord has called me to be an Elizabeth. But I won’t know, will I, unless I protect the dreams and visions in my heart.


Receiving Miracles

Dear Ladies,

Need a miracle? I know how to get one… but like the rest of the world, I get into unbelief and lose mine… sometimes. Sometimes not. So I will try to tell you how miracles have come to the Hultquists.

Mark 4 tells of the sower sowing the seed. How some of the seed is sown on ground that isn’t conducive to good growth. Please read this in Mark 4 because, if I explain the whole thing, my email will run out of space. Anyway, it’s a parable of how the Lord sows seeds or how He sows the word into our hearts.

Yesterday, I wrote about the visions that the Lord has put into your heart. This is a seed sown by God into your heart. Mary JESUS’ mother had a seed sown into her heart when the angel spoke to her that she would have a Son and He would take over the throne of David. Mary was good ground… her heart was good soil.

Mark4:20 And these are they which are sown on good ground; such as hear the word, and receive it, and bring forth fruit, some thirty fold, some 60 fold, and some a hundred.

So Mary was good ground! The Lord planted a vision in Mary’s heart and she protected her vision and the seed of Christ until she gave birth. Mary had plenty of reasons to give up. But she didn’t allow the enemy to take her seed.

Mark 4:19 says that some abort the good seeds sown in their hearts by allowing the cares of this world to choke the word out of their hearts. Mary was under pressure to give up as she walked about pregnant and not married. But Mary didn’t give up… she protected that seed in her heart. She didn’t allow the vision God put into her heart to be aborted.

Verse 17 speaks of a heart with no root in themselves. This is a heart that hasn’t any word of God in it. This is like a woman who reads or hears about faith from someone like me… but she doesn’t have any roots in Christ. Flesh and blood can’t put a vision from God into your heart… either you get it on your knees or, Darlin’, you plain ain’t gonna get it. I am only the Lord’s water girl, trying to water the seed that you have already received from God. The vision alive in your heart.

What is the vision in your heart? Is it to see your wayward children walk with God? Then get some root… some word in your heart and lay down your life to protect the word in your Spirit and give it some space to grow. When the enemy tries to defeat you with persecution and the cares of this world… refuse to listen to him. Protect the word in your heart so that it can produce miracles. Let that seed produce a hundred fold.

Every day I stand on the scripture All of my children will be taught of the lord and great shall be their peace. They disappoint me until my heart wants to say, “Lord, I give up.” The Devil is there to tell me that home schooling was a waste of time. But… No… I refuse to let the Devil steal the word out of my heart. I won’t abort that precious seed sown in my heart. I want that seed to produce a hundred fold for Jesus.

I see other mothers who were so careless in raising their children, and their children seem to do better than my kids, hands down. My back feels weary from the load. But the word… my root comes up into my mouth and I speak life to myself. “Connie, you are a woman of faith. You walk by faith and not by sight. Don’t let the cares of this world steal the word out of your heart.”

The secret to miracles is that holy word that is sown by the Holy Spirit into our hearts. The more word… solid in your heart… the more miracles you will see.

In a few areas I can be strong in faith. So I will show you how it works.

We haven’t had health insurance since 1988. I am able bodied and could have gone out and gotten a job and bought insurance. But under the leading of the Holy Spirit, Jim and I decided that we would trust God for our health because we knew that the Lord had called me to home school. So I got a crash course in learning how to trust the Lord concerning healing.

Lately, I had to go to the hospital and eat a lot of crow… but i did get to kick the devil in the mouth on my way out the door. That did my little heart good. Some day I will tell you about the miracles that happened there. I was in a lot of pain as I entered the hospital and had nothing to pay them with except my good looks and I didn’t even have that. I had no medical card or anything. The doctor treated me like I was a street woman… but in the end, the Lord did smack his face for him. The Lord’s favor gave me a private room and a night nurse who knew the Lord and had faith that could bore a hole in a door without a drill. The county chased me down to give me emergency medical help. The woman who called me told me of a miracle that furthered my faith in a big way. I will never forget her faith.

Sooo I say this to say I have eaten a lot of crow in my day, and I am certainly not the best example of faith. But I do have a few seeds under my belt that have developed and have produced a hundred fold. I am sorely lacking… and hoping that if I teach you ladies what I know about faith, then hopefully, as I give, it will be given back to me a hundred fold.

So to back track… we were saying that in order to receive a miracle from God, He has to put a vision in our hearts. Afterwards, the devil will come and try to steal it out of our hearts with persecution from the world. Or with the cares of this world. Or with the lust of other things. We decide that this faith thing is too hard and we give up on our families. The enemy puts pressure on us… he embarrasses us. He sends people to tell us that we had better give up on our marriage because it is hopeless. Our kids are hopeless… we are broke and how will we pay the bills?

The enemy’s job is to pressure us until we cry out “UNCLE.” or “I give up.” We get off of our faith walk and forget the word the vision in our hearts. And isn’t that easy to do? It’s easy… but not godly. We must fight that good fight of faith and not let the enemy have the holy seed within us. We, as holy women of God, cannot let persecution drive us. We can’t move by circumstances or the things that are seen. We must move out on things that are unseen… our visions in God.

Sarah considered not her own body or the deadness of her womb. God had called her to have a son in her old age. She didn’t consider the circumstances. She considered the word spoken to her through her husband that she would have a baby in her old age. Through faith, she received strength to conceive a seed. Not only did she receive a seed, she protected her seed until she gave birth to it. Afterwards, she protected her seed Isaac until she died. She never gave up, even when Abraham almost sacrificed her seed. She held on to her faith.

This next part I want to write about is Mark 11:23 and 24. The main idea is that you must believe that you HAVE what you ask for. We can’t just let the vision that God gives us just sit in our hearts. Faith is active… faith without works is dead. Inactive faith is going to die.

Inactive faith will die out as any living thing will die without care. If the Lord has planted faith in our hearts as a seed, and this seed tells us that all of our children will know the Lord? Then how do we water this seed? We water our seed by casting down our own vain imaginations concerning our children… and anything that exalts itself above the knowledge of God.

Example. Satan has you, as a mother, find out some horrible thing about the son you are praying for. Immediately grab your heart and protect that seed of truth in your spirit. You confess, “I am not moved by what I see but only by what I believe. God has promised me that all of my children are taught of the Lord and great is their peace.”

Let God’s word reign supreme in your heart… give it first place. When you hear a bad report dig deeper into God. Give that word more fuel in your heart and more protection. Don’t give up — just add more wood to the fire. Protect your heart, for out of it is the issues of life. Walk out your faith… walk as though your children are all saved and walking in Him. Or that your husband is saved and walking in God.

Forgive those who have hurt you or your faith will die and never bring forth any fruit.

Ladies… if one of you has lost your husband today, don’t despair. Plant the word in your heart. What God hath joined together let no man or woman separate. If you keep the word in your heart and you don’t give up, you will see the glory of God. We must not allow the word to be choked out of our hearts. We must walk as though God’s word is alive in our hearts. For many of you will just have to get away alone … away from your oppressors… and hide in God.

These precious visions that God gives us are mighty and have a lot of reward that comes with them. This day, let us choose to walk in faith and be mighty women of faith. For, as Mary had a powerful seed, we Marys have seeds, too. Our families mean something to God, too. Let us be like Mary and not allow our seeds to be aborted.


Housewife Bread

Dear ladies,

I was thinking this morning about my writings to you. How I write to you straight off the cuff. What you see is what you get… words spelled wrong… sentences goofed up, etc. Sorry ’bout that. My letters are sort of like fresh baked daily bread. It’s made amidst the scurry of other housewife duties. Sometimes it’s delicious and sometimes it isn’t. But we eat it, anyway. Right? Because it’s home made. Hopefully, my bread is good for ya, even if at times you may hurt your teeth trying to eat it. Or maybe I tried a new herb in my bread and it turned out not edible at all. Sorry about that. Don’t try to eat it. Just throw it out and I will try again the next day… or the next week.

This morning, I was praying and the Lord was speaking to me about being a prisoner for Christ. Bound in chains of obedience. This will be a loaf of bread made for an intentional peasant. Made for a woman who has willingly given up her call to worldly glory. One who has exchanged her three piece black suit and briefcase… and has willingly tied on her apron over her house dress. The Lord has crowned her with beauty and love … and yet, to the Lord’s delight, she repeatedly refuses to wear her hat, even though it is cold outside. She continually rips off her golden crowns and throws them at the Master’s feet. Weeping before His throne with a heart that is broken and mended continually by the Master’s hands.

Housewifery is her prison, her hands and feet shackled in chains of duty and purpose. Her marriage and subjection cast down her fleshly lusts. She says “No” to the world and their idols and runs, instead, to that which is lowly and seemingly unimportant to this present world. She runs to the least of the brethren and invites the lame and the blind to her banqueting table. As she ministers to the least, she serves her Lord and King Jesus.

People ask her when she will ever actually make something of herself. When will she ever wear the jewels the Lord has given her. Little do they know she does wear her jewels the Lord gave her, but only in His presence when her husband asks her to wear them. Even in wearing her crowns and pearls, she is careful not to cast them before swine.

She eats peasants bread willingly. Just as Christ preferred to be born in a stable. His heart remained with the poor in this world. And He still seeks the poor… those who are rich in Him.

I think of His mother Mary, riding on a donkey protecting the baby Jesus in her womb. Aren’t we, as housewives, like her? Protecting our marriage covenant in our hearts?. So often we suffer as we ride our own lowly donkeys. We, too, are full and pregnant with the true and living Word. Sometimes, as I see Mary in my heart riding that donkey and suffering for us, I see a modern woman of the day shaking her head as Mary rides by saying, “Look at that poor little _____, pregnant by God knows who. Too bad she never had any education. She could have made something of herself.” Mary must have been embarrassed… she was human. And yet Mary had heard from an angel and knew she had been impregnated by God. She had guts and a vision and knew that this world was not her home, that her purpose was sure and in GOD.

Joseph was called as her covering and protector… a common man and yet he, too, was full of dreams in God. She submitted to Jesus’ earthly father, but her heart continually pondered what the angel had told her. She knew that her husband’s heart was always guided by her King and Lord God.

Mary was a holy woman with a gaze towards heaven.

Peasant’s Bread

While sitting here eating peasant’s bread, I think of Sarah, sold into a harem by her husband who was supposed to know what the heck he was doin’. What a gutsy woman Sarah was, trusting in God in the midst of being sold into a harem. Can’t you see a modern day scenario of this. The modern woman in her business suit hears of Sarah… sold… by her husband? The National Organization of Women would be hiring lawyers to come to Sarah’s aid. And yet Sarah, choosing to eat peasant’s bread, would never give these radical feminists a moment’s thought. For her visions in God are set much higher than this present world. She protected her vision by obedience and later conceived a seed in her old age. She conceived Isaac… God’s son of faith.

These women hung on when the world laughed at them. For they knew that the seed they carried in their wombs was more important than not being embarrassed or winning this world’s admiration. For Christ’s sake, they ate peasant’s bread in order to sit at the King’s table in their lives everlasting. They chose to be poor and afflicted in this life in order to see and embrace treasures of gold in heaven.

Many were beaten and abused and yet would not give up their covenants. They held their marriage covenants in secret, as Mary held her seed in her womb. They held their visions, as Sarah and would not eat the King’s meat. She could have stayed with that King but she chose to return to a husband who had lied about her and had sold her into sin. And yet she returned to Abraham — not because she was codependent or weak in nature — but simply because she wouldn’t let a bad marriage cause her to sin. Her marriage was second in line to her calling in God. She refused to burn the house down because the windows were cracked.

These women did not live by the voice of this present world. And the Sarahs and Marys are still with us today. They will fight to protect their marriage covenant. Many are present day martyrs… choosing to suffer in this world in order to win Christ. These women are the Lord’s daughters. They may look mild but they are stout hearted and the Lord trusts them. He knows they will not give up their visions in Him. These women have eyes fixed on the suffering Christ. When Jezebel walks by, they feel her as a shock coming from the pits of Hell. They have no fellowship with her. Their first love is always the Lord God.

We modern women of today marvel at the disciples who were murdered for preaching the gospel. Men who stood for truth … And yet what about the women of God who stand for truth today. In these years of the woman… supposedly… why aren’t we honoring the women who have stood for their marriages? Women who have refused to live in a palace in order to live in a tent like Sarah. With a husband who is given to weakness and fear? Why do we women want a new car more than an Isaac to give to the Lord? Why do we want a job at the hamburger joint … when all we are doing is building another man’s kingdom, and making the American hamburger the food of the day. Why can’t we eat peasant’s bread, willingly, for a few days here on earth so that God’s kingdom can come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Why do we sell our heritage as Godly wives and mothers for a pot of stew or the wealth of their world?

Today, dear daughters, cast down your own lives for Christ and run a good race and fight the good fight for Christ. Protect your homes and families as seeds of vision and hidden in secret wombs for Christ.

Radicals for Christ

If we are not radicals for Christ
in this present sinful world
then Darlin’
we are backing up.

Can He use His daughters
who only fellowship with each other
and not first with the Father?

Who are we
and what is our place as mothers
in this present world?

He calls us daughters of God to a higher calling.

He calls us to hear His voice
and to live a life that is conducive
to hearing and doing
spiritual activities.

We must be dutiful as Keepers at Home
but first
we must hear our instructions from
the King of Kings.

The devil isn’t playing, ladies.
He will rip your guts out if he gets the chance.
Can we mothers fight him with one foot
in the world and one in the church?

Depends on the church I guess.

But as for me
I want both feet planted on the Lord’s mat
that lays directly in front of His throne.

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