Saturday, February 24, 2018

Psalm 91:5 Terror by Night

Dear Ladies of Courage,

Last night the enemy tried to really put fear in my heart. Because I am the weaker vessel, sometimes I get fearful. First I get real tired, and then confused, and then the fear comes. I feel out of control, like I won’t be able to handle the day to day business of my life.

This is what the Lord told me to set me free. He said, “Connie, remember your anchor… the scriptures on Keepers at Home. Remember your marriage covenent. Lay your life over the top of this covenent box. Protect your covenent as if it was life and death. Remember your visions… the seeds of hope God has given you. Protect your visions until they grow as a seed planted. Hang on and stay under Jim… he is your cover under God. He is appointed to lead and guide you. His love covers you. Don’t be afraid.”

When the outside world tries to come inside us and starts moving the furniture around, it is time to shut the door on our hearts and set things right again. The wise woman builds her own house and she gives a portion to her maidens… or to the world. A wise woman’s meek and quiet spirit is her place of privacy. It’s HER….. and what makes HER unique. That meek and quiet spirit is her garden in her chest. Can you feel it? It lives and is physically alive.

We often put our hands, as mothers, over our chests when we speak of fear. We are trying, with our hands, to comfort our hearts. We are trying to guard our hearts, our spirits, with our hands. We are hand maidens called to work with our hands. We build and protect with our hands.

Our garden in our bosom has the family name on it, the family dreams in it, and visions. The best things we can give the world are the seeds that have come to fruitation in this garden. In other words, answered prayers planted and nourished and watered until they grow and produce miracles in Jesus’ name.

My Jim is a miracle. He was a seed planted by God in my heart. Did Satan try to steal the marriage covenent out of my heart? Yes, millions of times. How many times did I want to give up? No exaggeration… millions of times. But did I let Satan into my heart? No… a million times… No. Now my precious Jim maintains himself without so much prayer as I once had to pray. Now he is getting his place with God and is valuable to God.

But as my friend Mary at age 71 tells me, nothing changes. We never somehow arrive as mothers. Once we pray one family member through, we turn around and find we have more souls to pray through.

But we give to the world out of our wombs as most of the women in the Bible did. And as Satan continually fought Mary to get to Jesus or to get to her seed, we Marys fight the same battles. Satan wants our seeds, too. But more than that, he wants to invade our gardens. Our visions are growing there. He wants the meek and quiet spirit within us. Through persecution and the trial of this life, he wants to make our hearts, as mothers, hard and dry and full of fear so that we will abort the seeds GOD has planted in our hearts.

Our visions are powerful and precious to God. Never let the devil keep you down, ladies. It’s not who you are but who you think you are in God. Because faith is a substance… we can feel that, too. When something comes over you after you have prayed and it says, “Everything is alright”… That is the substance of faith, the PEACE God gives you, that you have won the victory.

We are Sarah’s daughters if we are not afraid with any amazement. Dear Daughters of Courage, protect your hearts, for out of it are the issues of your family’s life and, ultimately, the world’s life in CHRIST.

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