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The Original Happy Housewifery

Excerpt from a message about Happy Housewifery

by Connie Hultquist - January 2, 2006

Dear Housewives,

Ya know I used to have a newsletter called Happy Housewifery. It was really corny but some of the ladies really liked it. I wrote it out in handwriting and then got old-fashioned pictures and pasted them on and then took it to the print shop and had it printed up. I had about 40 subscribers. Well, now I am rattling some of the computer savvy ladies on my group to help me to get one of these things on the computer to be able to print them out for free.

As it turned out, Jen obtained a copy of the July/August 1998 edition of Happy Housewifery and scanned it into electronic format.

Click here to download.
Continue reading for a preview of the contents.

A sampling of the contents:

  • "To Fathers" by Jim
  • Connie writes about her roses in "My Dear Seven Sisters" and shares how to make "Rose Vinegar Hair Rinse."
  • Mrs. Julia Anderson writes in "Make It Your Mission" about her career as Mother to seven children.
  • Jamie Lynn Knorn describes God's perfect plan for families in "Family Order."
  • Mrs. Daniel Du Bois, in "Holiness in the Home", offers advice on the sacrament of marriage.
  • Ruth Robinson writes about living in submission to her husband in "Submission? Privilege, or Duty."
  • "Holy Housewifery" explains the scriptures regarding the husband who does not obey the word of God.
  • Mary Hultquist, who was 13 when this issue of Happy Housewifery was written, writes about her dog Fuzzy, July 4th, and caring for baby rabbits.


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