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Connie on the Internet

When Connie first accessed the internet, she communicated with an email machine that had so little memory, she had to send letters to her Yahoo group as Part I, Part II, etc. This is what it was like back then:

I have an email machine and not a regular computer..So when i write if i happen to be long winded i have to write in parts. I have less memory in my little machine. Also i spell would "wud " and could "cud". And night "Nite" etc to give me more space to write. Also i cant get the really long emails as i dont have the room to get them. And i cant get pictures etc. All i do on this thing is write emails and that is all i can receive. Actually i have only seen my own groups sight once or twice at the library. I cant go to other sights or anything like that.

Then Connie got a real computer. Kim and Annie (with her baby) flew to Iowa to visit Connie. They brought with them a laptop computer that Connie bought from Annie's husband and they taught her how to use it.

Then the girls had to leave and go back to Georgia. And, oh mercy, I was lost. Well, then Annie did this program that was remote control from her computer to mine. So in the evening, I would see arrows goin here and there on my computer screen. Annie was making things right on my computer from hers — me in Iowa and she in Georgia. I was a hopeless student but Annie made sure the messages I wrote got out there.

The transition from email machine to computer was sometimes harrowing for Connie but she persevered.

Feb 8, 2007
Toot, did you tell the ladies you posted Christian joys dress made out of Pasta? This dress is now in the Victorian Albert museum in England. It will be there for 6 months. She just sent it to them. Jill it looks like a beaded dress but it is pasta. It took Chrissy hours and hours to make this dress and sew all the pasta on it. She dyed all the pasta herself. i am real proud of her. She sent me a picture of it with her wedding pics but i think i accidently deleted them. What can i say? I am surprised i havent accidently deleted myself. Learning this computer has been like braiding my brain.

It didn't take long before Connie was cruising the net like a pro and, with a little help from her friends, expanding her horizons. Connie and Lynetta (Aunt Toot), are truly a dynamic duo.

Good morning, dear Ladies. Well this afternoon Aunt Toot is coming over and she will do a video of me. It may be curious as we are just experimenting. Toot has been practiceing and she knows how to do the whole thing. She does a good job with anything concerning the computer. Not me i am not good at it. i am a writer only. i thank the Lord for my helpers that keep me spinnin on this thing.

Aunt Toot quickly became an ace at shooting and uploading videos and even set up a YouTube channel for Connie, embedded here at Happy Housewifery.

I stepped into uncharted waters again and added Connie to YouTube. This is her link:

Connie's Depression era homemaker, Ruby, has a home on LiveJournal, thanks to Aunt Toot. Visit Ruby here at Happy Housewifery to read the latest Mother Connie's Journal entry.

This concludes our happy tour of Connie on the Internet. I'll let Connie have the last word.

I am Lucy on the internet. Some day probably Gypsys will kidnap me and keep me around their tent to make them laugh.
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